Dismissal of CANU’s former head

first_imgDear Editor,Permit me to register my concern and disappointment on a matter in which I am of the view that it is deemed worrying, in respect to the future political directional dimension our country is heading. This reference is specific to the unjust and unfair egregious politically motivated act of the manner in which the now former head of CANU, James Singh, was relieved of his duties – a portfolio which he held for almost a decade.During his tenure, he executed his mandate in the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.The Government when it was in Opposition, they never criticised the workings of CANU under Singh’s leadership; in fact, they renewed his contract for another three years after successfully bringing down one of the country’s biggest drug lords. CANU successfully executed and achieved its mandate – a notion validated by the fact that Guyana was never listed or blacklisted as one of the failed states within which it has failed in the combating efforts against drug trafficking. He had a zero tolerance approach on corruption and though he is no longer at the helm of the institution, he has left a well-trained and competent team. How is such an act befitting of a man of his calibre in light of the commendable service he has given to his country? A shameless act on the part of the Government – he does not deserve this. I would like to urge the Government to reconsider this and confer upon him the dignity and respect he commands.There were absolutely no solid grounds and basis for such a decision. The Public Security Minister cited that it was all part of a restructuring programme developed to strengthen the institution – stemming from some vaguely cited recommendations. This is blatantly appalling against the background that, the Government expended over million in three months on a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) into the affairs of the Guyana Sugar Corporation. Arising from the findings and recommendations therein, the Government saw it best to pursue a path contrary to the recommendations of the CoI despite expending millions of taxpayers’ money to have it done. Thus, given the current policies and adversities the country is now facing with the downsizing of the industry – closure of sugar estates – it must be mentioned that those were not the recommendations put forward by the CoI. The question is why then, did the Government waste in excess of million? And if it didn’t see it fit to implement those recommendations – why are they implementing a vaguely referenced recommendation? By whom were these recommendations made and what added value will it bring to the entity?It would appear that these are all carefully crafted plans by the Government of the day which are in keeping with their own hidden political agenda and pursuits. What could be their agenda, we must ask ourselves as patriotic citizens and seek to derive plausible answers. I must commend James Singh for the way in which he received this politically unscrupulous act against him, very calmly, quietly and professionally. It demonstrates the level of his maturity and wisdom.The Public Security Minister attempted to polish the uncouth act by stating he hopes to re-engage him at some point. I can bet my bottom dollar, those words are weightless and meaningless. It is just a failed attempt at a cover up statement.Yours faithfully,Financial economistlast_img read more