Need vs Want amidst Covid Scenario

first_imgMost of the people would try to have food cooked and served at homes. Even it is likely that people would try to save money which was lavishly spent on national and international tours. So, home stay and home food are the first thing that is going to be enjoyed more now on. Even, the mall or multiplex culture is also going to see a doom. Alternatively, the view-from-home culture is likely to have a higher growth. Therefore, the mobile and data providers are going to be the money-makers.It is likely that people would refrain from not-so-preferred habits such as drinking, smoking or even non-vegetarian foods., some of these people may not want to resume after the lockdown.The lavish spending on cosmetics, branded apparels, jewelries and other fashion items is likely to be come down too.Investments to own a car or an office or multiple houses is also likely to go down, the reason being that people have seen and felt the culture of work-from-home in this lockdown time. Even the owners of the business must have taken it as an opportunity to cut down their overhead expenditures. Further, the task force would also love to work from the comfort zone of their homes.The education sector is also bound to feel the impact. The students are likely to go to nearby cities for further studies. The lust for going abroad is also likely to see a small pause.The best sectors which are likely to see the benefits are the insurance, medical, agriculture and self-employment opportunities. The local development is likely to get a boost as the number of working hands are going to increase due to ‘ghar wapasi’. The medical and diagnostic centres are going to grow. Since the medical expenditures are higher now-a-days, medical insurances are likely to have a greater sale. The AYUSH i.e. the alternative medical therapies are also going to be much sought-for services. Yoga and other physical exercises’ centres may also see a brighter light.Even the online service providers, the online businesses are definitely like to have a mushroom growth.-Satyendra K Singh Need vs Want amidst Covid ScenarioWe have been witnessing that the world is full of death tolls and various other dimensions are just popping up including the political and social aspects, courtesy the pandemic called Covid 19.India being a heterogeneous society and a mixed economy has altogether a different scenario prevailing today and the impact is likely to be different in coming times.last_img read more