Li Mingyuan the flow behind the depth strategic love Shanghai

I think five years ago the Internet has so much innovation. There is a certain angle in innovation such as vertical search or show, someone in the innovation way to obtain new flow from the client to the large free income business three rockets, one starting point in the innovation of social interaction and experience, there are people in the innovation game…….

mobile Internet really to the Internet, from a single, significant boundary and characteristics of the industry, combined with the trend of O2O slowly, evolution has become an increasingly prosperous, constantly cross industry, break the ecological. PC before the Internet special focus, business orientation is relatively pure, every Internet Co are relying on capacity created brand awareness is very prominent, such as a love of Shanghai, you will only think of traffic. read more

Website optimization is the most important technology is reflected in where

when the webmaster optimization of a website, the most important is hard to analysis the industry website user demand, make clear what is the user needs in this industry, and then around what users really need to launch the website optimization work. However, this technique can be used to improve from what


the second page of user love. Small series of the website keywords "Guangzhou website construction" search ranking sites were studied, found out through the keyword search web pages are almost home, even some of the site itself weight is not high.

first, mining user needs keywords. From where to dig? Is very simple, the user search behavior with the industry usually has been reflected, see you have found in the eye. For example: the odd billion network website belongs to the construction industry, usually come over the user will search "website construction which company?", "the construction of a website needs to how much money?" and so on, or to search by keywords in Guangzhou local area, the user may search "Guangzhou site construction company have?" around the needs of users to search, then the company can set up on the website of the keyword "Guangzhou site construction" to do optimization. read more