Store sales season to maintain good state

a lot of shopkeepers because the season of hot selling products, profits and returns of the excitement of the stool, resulting in the process of operating the shop easily out of the woods, which is very detrimental to the management of the store. In short, the annual New Year’s day to the Spring Festival is our retail customers sales season. How to promote the sale of goods in the sales season is a further consideration for each of our retail customers. The author believes that, in order to fight the season sales war, we must maintain a good four states".

one is to maintain good quality service status.

quality service is the basis of customer satisfaction, quality services include many aspects, quality service is first to ensure the quality of goods quality. The quality of goods is the premise to attract customers. For us cigarette retailers, to maintain the quality of goods, is to adhere to the purchase from the local tobacco companies, not disorderly channels of purchase, not from the hands of yanfan into the purchase of counterfeit goods, especially in the sales season during the supply shortage, to withstand the temptation to keep the bottom line, and resolutely do not purchase from tobacco companies in addition to outside on the one hand to avoid illegal channels, checked, the other party to prevent fake hurt consumers, affect their own image of integrity. read more

The laid-off workers re start earning 800 thousand

now there are a lot of entrepreneurs in the community, at the same time, there are a number of entrepreneurial success behind each of the extraordinary entrepreneurial experience, from their bodies we can often learn a lot of entrepreneurial experience.

doubleeyelid, golden curls, black sweater and stylish yellow shawl – this is Yin Jiazhen, the pursuit of a "beautiful" woman in Wuhan.

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How to realize the harmony and common prosperity between franchisees and brands

franchisees and brands, which jointly build a network to join, is a cooperative relationship. However, there are a lot of franchisees can not reach a good relationship with the brand, resulting in the breakdown of cooperation affect entrepreneurship. So when joining the business and brand cooperation should pay attention to what?

brand enterprises and well-known brand in the minds of consumers gradually occupy an important position, and those who fight alongside and garment enterprises and franchisee retail business has been little-known. Before the day held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center "pop" the first China franchisee Development Forum, the participants for the first time in the "franchisee success" as the theme, in the form of a forum to discuss the problem of joining the development of garment industry. read more

Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attends Mass Entrepreneurship Forum

last September, Prime Minister Li Keqiang at the Davos forum, to promote the development of public Chinese entrepreneurship and entrepreneur. Since October this year, every year there will be a week time, the country will host a series of entrepreneurial innovation activities for young entrepreneurs to provide a platform for the exchange and resources.

the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli attended the 19 held in Beijing 2015 public entrepreneurship peoples innovation forum and delivered a speech.

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Chinese fish top three recommended items

fish health now very fire, investors favor open wealth undertakings in this industry. But the existing market fish health project so much, investors how to choose which good? Chinese fish project top three recommendations, provide a reference for the business in the fish health industry investors.

the brand belongs to the world Jun Yi (Wuhan) industrial investment limited.

1 advantages: the company strength, abundant funds, including the company’s current investment areas: food, clothing, electronic commerce and health in 4 areas.

2 advantages: small devil fish is the chain leader honyaradoh.

3 advantages: strong technical personnel up to more than and 50 people, respectively in 4 major areas: Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing. Where the agents need to serve, the nearest technician will come. read more

How to optimize the development model of leisure food stores

is now very popular snack snacks, especially for girls, casual snacks is a pleasure! So want to run a successful snack franchise stores, we must know how to optimize the development of the store model. If optimization, then together to understand it!

leisure food stores to increase revenue model, the former may be through the rapid expansion of the franchise channels, staking. It’s not impossible to do this again, just a little out. We want to subdivide the field, better and more professional.

, of course, is to enter the mature stage, at this time the request to a large. Fashion optimization, good product design. Different styles show different mood, taste and temperament. Just as people don’t wear the same clothes every day.

since it is fashionable, it is necessary to consider fashion marketing. Of course, if you have money, it is best to be a celebrity spokesperson. Star endorsement is the best advertising, of course, you have to please, please appropriate. Because the amplification effect of the star is self-evident. Be able to move the feeling of fashion to your feelings. read more