What are the advantages of online shopping

is now with the development of the times, people’s ideas are changing constantly, in the online shop has been recognized and accepted by many people, what advantages does the shop on the net, let us analyze some advantages in the online shop!

1. network connects the world and millions of households, your goods are easier to sell.

2. online shop almost no investment, as long as you have a web page to publish information on the line.

3. online shop is a virtual store, no inventory, warehouse, etc..

4. eliminates costly store rent or investment.

5. adequate supply and easy organization. You can sell the goods of the company (or your own); you can also sell the goods of his company (others); you can go to the market to look for goods, and even you can sell the goods in the shops around you. read more

How to carry out business district evaluation

shop will always face a variety of problems, the first problem is to solve the problem. Some people want to open restaurants, choose a good location, in order to attract the attention of customers, thereby creating more wealth. Restaurant operators how to evaluate business district? Here we go along to see it.

a, business district to determine

can be estimated by district survey, food store locations, likely households and consumption levels, floating population turnover, trading range; through the on-site assessment, shop convenient location, the route and traffic, vehicle route and flow, proximity, visual effects, the judgment of the whether for the catering shop, so that it will not be because of blindly hastily set up shop, The loss outweighs the gain.

The significance and importance of read more

We are in the wild west stage big data

do you know what’s hot right now? Yes, big data"! Big data has been developed to a critical stage. To   2017  year, the entire big data market will grow to   500  $100 million, but unfortunately   55%  big data projects are failing. And opportunity is speculation and false information, we are in big data’s Wild West stage.

Quantcast perfect interpretation of the growth of big data companies to take the four step model. The first step, it just provides free website traffic monitoring services. With the improvement of market acceptance, the results of the calculation of thousands of times per day increased to   10  the level of Quantcast , and soon surpassed the traditional database technology. The expansion of the business step by step and give it to provide a higher quality of the ability to analyze and judge, better by virtue of audience analysis for value-added and maintain customer relationships. read more

Clever use of customer business development conformity favorable

conformity psychology can be said to be a major feature of the Chinese people, do business if you can grasp the customer’s psychology, and good at using, I believe that the development of the store business will have a great help. This does not, I shop in the management of the time it is very focused on this mentality, but got a lot of customers praise.

this day, neighbor Aunt Wang to my store to buy, or to buy the first two days of her kind. I asked her: "aunt, my shop has a variety of rice varieties, in the end you say what kind of ah?" Aunt said: "Oh, bought a few days, and I have forgotten what brand of the. I used to buy rice, never asked the brand, after asking, remember. Or you introduce me, let me think about it!"

I pointed to the

on the inside that bag, aunt asked: "aunt ah, you look at is not that it?" read more