Cai Wensheng micro-blog’s openness and fairness give developers a better chance


4399 chairman Cai Wensheng speech

sina science and technology news on November 16th morning news, sponsored by Sina (, China’s first micro-blog Developers Conference held in Beijing, which is the first domestic micro-blog industry technology feast. As the absolute leader in the domestic market, Sina, micro-blog will announce a series of support policies for developers at the conference, with a view to promoting the overall development of the micro-blog industry with third party developers to jointly promote the development of micro-blog.

Cai Wensheng: in fact, two days ago I made a micro-blog, I no longer accept an invitation to the conference with the interview, but there is a point of clarification, I do not passively accept the invitation, but I like Sina micro-blog is asked to attend the.

why today will I love, because there is no official front, one up is total, Cao Peng, Li, say are useful to everyone.

we know that the era of mobile Internet has come, this is an indisputable fact. In the past, based on the traditional Internet, we have a special group of people in China is the webmaster, the crowd in China, millions of people in foreign countries is very rare. Today, the mobile Internet era, I think the webmaster actually has been upgraded to upgrade to developers. What is the difference between the previous webmaster is to rely on a person made a 40 million visit. Used as a webmaster, can do, can choose relatively simple. Before may be relatively simple to download a program to do a website, the range is basically to enliven the website, download sites, games and novels, these basically do not do big, small owners have the opportunity. Today’s developers for us more opportunities, but also challenges, today to consider the development of application must be creative, must have innovation, may also add a little bit of technology, owners and developers are not the same, but the same developers also gave birth to a huge flow and influence. Before we say stationmaster basically is to make the flow, make a click, now every micro-blog developer is a developer, may also be millions of hits, but grassroots reached 1 million 300 thousand, likely in the next 2 years to 3 years to build the grassroots soon there will be millions of fans.

in addition, there is a difference between the webmaster and the developer, the previous webmaster basically did not go out of the country, only in China, just like the Chinese Internet site, even if like QQ then cattle are not out of the country. Now Sina has spread to Southeast Asia, Taiwan,, we can be very clear to see the whole of Taiwan is not just a star, including their people have come to micro-blog. Our developers have been downloaded over the last few weeks on the iPhone is the first, happy farm swept the world. This shows that China developers over the next few years may be like Chinese light industrial products, like our clothing, like our shoes will occupy the whole world.

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