Shell network Ji thirteen the commercial transformation of idealistic man

lead: two years again after the interview Ji thirteen shell network CEO, he is still a student of the school dress, jeans and T-shirt + clean temperament of people can guess his exact age, Dr. Fudan biological was born he was always a bookish and fan art, but in a calm appearance, businessman the gene is poised to roar.

long silence shell network recently there is a big move, and vigorously promote the MOOC college, the establishment of scientific development "brand," graduate "tool to prepare pregnant APP, shell network is changing from extensive scientific social networking sites to subdivide into the area, but in 2013 the shell network profit model is still exploring B round of financing.

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to MOOC, shell networkDuring the 2004

PhD, Ji thirteen in "Newton scientific world" published an article on the monkey game experiment article, because the text of humor from the acclaimed in thirteen Ji "popular science" on the road to a get out of hand, was established in 2008 2010 to set up a scientific squirrel, extensive scientific social networking website Although Ji thirteen I do not love the word "science", he felt that the word "superior" too, like the teacher in the education of students, while the shell network is a vision for the exchange of all people love science platform.

The first two years of the

shell network was established, Ji Shisan because of his "idealism" quite a few detours. Ji Shisan’s team at the beginning of heart is doing "science communication", began to shell network by Pan scientific discussion, build a community. Although users are growing quickly, but the risks are very obvious, community development is more and more big, but the user is also more and more complex, but the attribute of the shell network itself is science media, a large but cluttered user groups and the realization is not equal.

keep growing users have no way to get the cash, loved the letter capital of $1 million and an angel round of financing of $3 million A round of financing shell network, is not a good news.

Ji thirteen must be for his "idealism" pay, therefore, 2012 began to explore the commercialization, seeking liquidity. In addition to the daily operation of the outer shell network, shell network also cooperates with some commercial technology brands, as they tell the brand story. In 2012, which brought 5 million yuan in revenue for shell. Ji thirteen is expected in 2014 this figure will reach 20 million yuan.

but at the end of 2012, Ji thirteen found a more preferred model, that is, MOOC college. The full name of massive open online MOOC, courses, 2012, top American universities have set up the network learning platform, to provide free courses on the Internet, the rise of Coursera, Udacity, edX three course provider, to provide a systematic study may give more students.

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