To the disaster area donated 100 yuan after the sad experience

Sichuan, the earthquake disaster, the National People’s attention! Communities, schools, buildings were destroyed, even according to the Sina News 18 classes of students were buried!

shock, grief!

night in the laggards forum, the Tencent found the latest online donations to the disaster area, immediately donated 100 yuan. Though less money, but as a webmaster, have done a bit of cotton Pu Zhili. Surprisingly, screenshots post an issue, ah, there are several people talking about yell out non-stop, ", CNFTP; today you are behind the show the number one seed! " " I just want to tell those people behind in clamor donations when? Why do you love? Only a moment of love called " " what is the use? " "……….." really big woods, what birds are! So posts out of three or four


do not see it, I’m here solemnly to you protest a few words: who is the show really? Who is the real "people? Are you these few take their own conscience, to attack others, opinionated people curry favour by claptrap! Where is your action? But no action against this distinction between what to send the national wealth? This is my hair," as a volunteer team, left behind, I’ll donate 100 yuan. "I don’t believe that, on the Internet, not good you the other bad guys! As of press time, has seen Admin5 donated the initiative.

to see the Forum Forum Pro Pro Pro fish "no lover earthquake, we leave some blessings"

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