Alibaba domain Army five classic domain name to create wealth

plays a crucial role for the domain name on the Internet. The good domain can help enterprises better domain name, Alibaba group great influence in domestic development, in the domain name industry also plays an important role in the rise of Alibaba, Ali "Ali" brand, founded, Amoy "Tao" series of Alibaba to create a domain become fashionable for a time. A myth in the domain name industry.

solid brand "Ali" domain name


1999 Ma founded e-commerce company, Alibaba, and enabled four spell domain name on-line operation, even though the domain name industry enabled four pieces that were not optimistic about a lot of people, but the successful operation of the Alibaba is a Alibaba to grow, sit up and take notice ", and created a series of" Ali "Ali family, now the industry has" Ali "family pet, Ali Ali mother, Grandpa, brother Ali Ali Ali, grandma, sister and so on," Ali "brand series of Alibaba into classic, Alibaba for this kind of domain name very much, had previously acquired the loan in full set of domain name

"Tao" domain name the most business opportunities


Since 2003, founded the phonetic domain enabled, scouring the concept of domain name caused a stir in the industry, "Amoy" domain names have been registered, hitao, Taosha, hi Amoy Sentosa interest Amoy Qutao domain name domain name become lovers collection object, Ali also protection for this series of domain names, the acquisition of Amoy gang three spell domain name Amoy, information domain,, Taobao hi Tao domain and domain, and launched Amoy Amoy channel information, hi, Amoy network. A lot of e-commerce platform is "Amoy" domain name, such as former vice president Li Mingshun low-key acquisition Comsenz business poly Amoy domain launched on-line group purchase search, borrow "Amoy" effect, make the website more. Visible, "Tao" is the most popular domain name domain name, the domain name merchant machine.

Amoy products derived under the new series "e" and "Yi"


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