CNNC fix URL dispute resolution limit malicious registration

August 18th morning news, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to amend the site dispute resolution method, the management of the network will be limited to the admissibility of the complaint within two years. At the same time, in the site of malicious registration and use of standards identified, CNNIC also made further restrictions and clear.

CNNIC has been implemented for 9 years and a total of 4 years, the universal web site dispute resolution, as well as the wireless site dispute resolution, recently released the latest revised version of the terms.

new version of the universal web site dispute resolution, limiting the scope of the general web site dispute settlement body to accept the dispute. Which clearly stipulates that the general website of the dispute over the registration period of two years, the general website of the dispute settlement body inadmissible". The previous version, did not make clear the limitations of dispute resolution.

CNNCI also limit and clear the URL dispute malicious registration criteria. Prior to the sale of such as the purpose of the registration of the general web site, which constitutes a malicious registration or use of the general web site evidence.

and the new regulations in sixth to revise the terms, "said general website is registered or the transferee for sale, as to all civil rights and interests of the complainant or its competitors lease or otherwise transfer the web site, in order to obtain illegitimate interests", can be identified as malicious registration.

in addition, the revised "general. Dispute resolution measures" also made clear the general website holders enjoy the legitimate rights and interests of the standard, including: the respondent did not obtain the relevant trademark or service mark, but the general website Holdings has gained some fame, and does not exist for commercial interests and misleading consumer intention.

"wireless site dispute resolution," the main revision of the content and the situation is roughly the same.

since 2001, CNNIC has commissioned the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and the Hongkong International Arbitration Center, as the.CN domain name dispute resolution body. Data show that in recent years the two organizations a total of 1383 accepted.CN and Chinese domain name dispute, the malicious domain name registration behavior of the losing rate is close to 90%.

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