Passengers complained about 12306 booking function buy the probability of failure of large numbers



relieve the instantaneous pressure when prompted to submit orders booking with trips queue number

newspaper news (reporter Han Xu) yesterday, the reporter learned from the railway sector, the Ministry of Railways official ticketing website on Sunday to complete a new round of ticket system upgrade, after the upgrade of the system added to submit orders queuing function. It is understood that the move is to reduce the pressure on the site to submit orders instantly. But many travelers reflect the probability of being forced to queue to buy a lot of failure.

website prompt waiting time

yesterday, ready to take advantage of the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day 8 day holiday to Urumqi to visit relatives of students login Liu 12306 for the Ministry of Railways ticketing website, see the recent from Beijing to Urumqi ticket margin, chose September 29th start of the Beijing West Railway Station T69 seat.

with the previous orders submitted directly to inform whether the booking is successful, Liu choice after booking, the system gives a hint: "today the train and I do not more than 1495 people before you submit your request to the processing of your booking, you submit the request may have no ticket, do you want to continue?

for the first time to see such an interface, although a look at more than 1 thousand people in front of me, did not dare to hold any hope, but I still want to see the next results." Holding a try mentality, Liu entered the confirmation page, the system prompts your order has been submitted, is expected to be completed 5 minutes and 42 seconds, please wait patiently".

5 minutes later, the system automatically jump into the train ticket confirmation page, little Liu Ruyuan got the train ticket the day before the holiday. Very convenient, just like the bank line up, take the number will tell you in front of the number of people waiting in line, is expected to wait a few minutes, you can voluntarily choose whether to wait." Liu said.

travelers complain about ticket failure

is not the process of all passenger tickets are generally smooth, like a lot of passengers, they reflect on the queue in the ticket to eat dark loss". Yesterday, the reporter learned that some passengers reflect by micro-blog, it is difficult to complete all the booking process, the system prompts orders have been submitted, but the system shows that it takes 30 minutes to queue up. After waiting for a long 30 minutes, the system shows that the order processing failed and needs to be re submitted.

many users complained: "repeated several times to submit, wasted time, missed the train ticket to buy other time and opportunity." Others point out that the booking site after the upgrade of the system even to the internal Its loopholes appeared one after another., leaving room for secret operations, which does not solve the website click when large amount of the fundamental problem of paralysis.

official said it would improve the

as soon as possible

according to the railway sector, the ticket system upgrade, queuing system is a new feature added to the 12306 sites, purpose >

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