Jewelry and other high-end goods WeChat marketing program


jewelry belonging to specific products high-end user group, can also be considered a luxury, when looking for customers and fans, must be precise positioning, or no effect, so when the increase of the fans, do not ask for much, but this is the refinement, and other products are different, so alone out of WeChat marketing analysis, not only is a matter of words, more important is to put it into action, action is the key to adhere to, every day, not anxious, expensive jewelry, but also the pursuit of profit is relatively large, not every day dozens of single effect, a few days you are loving, so not to win, we must seize the customers patiently answer.

1: initial preparation

jewelry is a traditional industry to do, but to do WeChat marketing to get, you need to understand that this is not a very easy thing, the price of expensive jewelry, a problem we are very worried about is: how to do Maidaojiahuo? Only by some pictures on your hand, it is hard for consumers to distinguish between true and false. In addition, compared with the brand, you do what other brand advantage? Generally expensive things, there is no guarantee on the WeChat platform, so it is difficult to get the customer’s trust, unless you have absolute advantage, otherwise it is difficult to enlarge the market, can only be carried out between acquaintances. So you must prepare the following information:

1 brand certificate, including your authorization certificate, product identification certificate.

2 you sell the parameters of the product, the price, it is best to be listed as a form, the specific parameters of the Pearl, the specific weight is also need to understand, as the customer is very concerned about, ingredients, etc..

3 after-sales service, after-sales guarantee, WeChat marketing is the most difficult after sale, if you are genuine, there should be a proof of service.

how to prepare these, of course, you have such a picture on your hand, but not everyone can add you you can send these one by one, then I teach you how to do?

in the absence of personal homepage or store case, use QQ space to write a diary, the picture, the relevant proof, various parameters, write a description page, WeChat can share to my circle of friends, so that others look normal, you have to save, this is the preparatory work.

two: how to promote


public number, if you have a specific operating mode, I believe we all know, here I want to talk about today’s headlines and other media platform, you can go to apply for an account, you can access your own name, try and jewelry at stake,

how to attract fans


of course, common method, two-dimensional code, today’s headlines is a good place, you can put two-dimensional code printed, posted to the place where many people or take this to the people concerned, this method is time-consuming, so I don’t recommend here,