Three problems existing in the network marketing and need to be corrected

for any new things, requires a certain period of time, in order to meet its from immature to mature, so it is Internet marketing, Internet marketing is the development of the past few years is changing by leaps and bounds, thousands of appearance, but also opens up a new way of economic growth, but in the face of Internet marketing matures today, the Internet marketing really don’t need to be perfect? The answer is negative, the development trend of everything is winding up, Internet marketing is no exception. And in the network marketing has been given more responsibility today, it appears the problem is quite obvious. Some webmaster friends always think simple promotion and heat will be able to get the so-called marketing hype, but often not so simple, how will flow from simple attention to transition to the viscosity, of which there are many lessons we need to do. But in today’s increasingly fierce network marketing, some problems have been covered up.

always concern at all to exaggeration,

face today’s Internet, the most important thing is to solve the problem of trust in Internet marketing. As Ma Yun said, Ali’s success is largely dependent on consumer trust to Taobao. Because have trust, Internet marketing is the development of the fertile soil, can expand the Ken line. This is not just a slogan, it is every Internet product operators even need dedicated standards. Now the marketing industry, the title of the party, and the content of false bravado meet the eye everywhere, put the Buddha exaggeration become an essential skill of marketing, marketing is likely to themselves as speculation master, for attention at all hot production, but do you think after the excitement in the enterprise is to what effect? Obviously not, for a right a brand that is clearly based on the fact that the advantages of processing may not be appropriate, but the blind consumer attention of everyone is not a sensible thing. If one day the audience could not pay, ask you again and still useful? These are the standardization of Internet marketing on the Internet marketing place, only to give a more regulated environment, efficiency will improve the Internet marketing, Internet marketing can have the opportunity to play a higher level, so that each a person can benefit from them, also let the sellers have the better way to show their products, so in the future development process, Internet marketing without having to solve is the issue of integrity, when these problems can be resolved, so the future development of Internet marketing will be more smoothly.

blind pursuit of heat, did not expect the channel matters

network marketing is largely based on the target user for screening. For example, we need to locate young animation enthusiasts, then in the process of marketing need to do a good job in this part of the crowd to do traffic distribution. WeChat, micro-blog, although good, the heat is also high, but it can really bring enough traffic to marketers will be unfamiliar street interest groups and the corresponding watercress group. This is not nonsense but the actual operation effect. In fact here