Dongsheng how to move customers marketing Customer buy! Buy!! Buy!!!

every day to do marketing, how to retain customers? Your service customer satisfaction? Do you have to let the customer touched service?

life has moved, only wonderful. With emotion is a big move out from the media, magic. No emotion, no one to listen to bragging.

whether it is love or hate, love hate to see. Whatever kind of moderation, the old man, neither painful nor itching, do not need to see you, because readers in the life of the people too much, not missing you, so what you write will not attract him.

marketing is also the case, want to attract attention, only the courage to express themselves. Some people do not dare to show, hide, think this is the safest. But the times have changed, where you hide, can only let others to dance, he jumped not necessarily better than you, but because you do not jump, he first.

people and people, the difference is only a small step, but this is a small step, some people may not understand the whole life. I don’t understand, and I think I’m right.

so, in the end how to do it?

first: seize the opportunity to seize the initiative. Seize the opportunity to step ahead, step by step ahead, history will not regress, catch up early, there are many opportunities. This is actually very important, but many people do not understand.

second: dare to show yourself. Show yourself to dare to dare to show, cheeky. Face, a penny worth, no use. I see a person, is to see his heart is not with others is not the same, is burst out like gene things from the bones, and others do not, eyes a bright, the people have a future. Any person who can’t keep any impression has no future. Only the courage to show themselves, in order to impress others in front of. Impression, others will remember you, remember that you will pay attention to you. With attention, intentions to operate, will naturally come to the customer.

synthesis of the above two points, only run fast, can not lag behind, or else people have to keep up with, it is easy to encounter the strength of the death of you.

life needs challenges, but also the need for continuous innovation. Many people do marketing thinking is the flow of thinking, is to large flow. My mind is thinking of the intensive and meticulous farming limited user, and also want to change an unlimited amount of money to. How to do it?

is the core of the customers, and customers become friends, do not take the customer when the customer, not to hang him, cherish him for our trust, even our own chidiankui, does not matter, as long as no loss to the customer, leaving a bad impression on it. This is my experience as a friend of Taobao to sum up the experience of their own experience.

my friend is doing Taobao, once he found a customer feedback in the background, said to buy a camera, as if there is a problem, take a look at the camera.

My friend

said nothing, and he called the customer "