Accelerating Innovations to Help Cloud Service Providers Grow Their Businesses

first_imgTo help our cloud partners and ecosystem advance to the next generation of computing, Intel focuses on strengthening open hardware, infrastructure transformation and service innovation. We work hard with leading cloud service providers (CSP) to help them grow their service portfolio and product offerings. March is an exciting month for datacenters and cloud initiatives. As our partners made big announcements at CloudFest, IBM Think and the Open Compute Platform Summit, I’d like to highlight some examples of how we collaborated with partners to help them further differentiate their cloud businesses and grow new market.Expand Cloud Service Providers’ offeringsCloudFest was held in Europa-Park, Germany from March 10-16, and Intel’s Das Kamhout delivered a keynote on Intel’s strategy to accelerate and differentiate cloud growth, where he spoke about 1&1’s new Container-as-a-Service offering built on Intel architecture.This is an example of how we worked closely with cloud service providers to drive innovations. Delivering the highest level of cloud performance efficiency has always been a priority for Intel, we enable our CSP partners to create differentiated services on agile, trusted infrastructure.Protect data with Container-as-a-ServiceThink 2018, held in Las Vegas from March 19-22, is IBM’s Enterprise event where Cloud and AI takes center stage. IBM, a long-time Intel partner, announced their IBM Cloud Container Service with Trusted Compute, the first container service which protects data within containers from the hardware level on up. Founded on Intel® Trusted Execution Technology (Intel® TXT), the IBM Cloud Container Service with Trusted Compute creates a chain of trust rooted in hardware, securing the containers that developers deploy. This trust information is auditable with continuous monitoring which can address regulatory compliance requirements, helping to eliminate the loss of control many companies face when using containers.IBM also announced the launch of their bare-metal cloud offerings available with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX). Intel® SGX is an Intel® architecture extension designed to increase the protection of application code and data. Intel® SGX allows app developers to partition their applications into CPU-hardened “enclaves”, protected areas of execution in memory, that increase security even on compromised platforms. Using this new application-layer trusted execution environment, developers can enable identity and records privacy, secure browsing, and digital rights management (DRM), as well as harden endpoint protection or any high-assurance security use-case that needs to safely store secrets or protect data.  IBM joins our growing ecosystem of CSP’s that are leveraging Intel® SGX to increase the protection of application code and data.  At Ignite, Microsoft announced their Azure Confidential Cloud, also enabled with Intel® SGX, we are pleased to see key cloud partners bringing enhanced data protections to customers.Strengthen the open hardware ecosystemThe 2018 Open Compute Project (OCP) US Summit was held in San Jose from March 20-21. When Intel joined the Open Compute Project in 2011, we launched an industry-wide initiative to share specifications and best practices, and to create the most energy efficient and economical data centers. That’s what the next generation OCP 1-socket Intel server code-named “Twin Lakes” does. The Twin Lakes server, based on the newest-generation Intel’s Xeon® Processor D SoC, provides strong compute performance as well as high I/O density. Twin Lakes compute performance is powered by up to 18 cores of the same architecture found in Intel® Xeon® Processor Family, and offers significant performance and feature improvements over the previous generation.Since OCP’s inception, Intel grown, driven and supported the open hardware ecosystem. A great example is Intel and Inspur’s support of Project Olympus, the next generation open source rack-level cloud hardware design by Microsoft in collaborating with the OPC community. This project will enable a variety of cloud applications deployed at scale on Microsoft Azure*, providing a modular and flexible open compute standard for cloud workloads in the current open ecosystem. Inspur’s product is a high performance 4-socket server based on the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor platform that provides significant boost and benefits over dual socket servers. It houses up to 10 PCIe slots with flexible configurations that deliver greater compute power in the same chassis for multi-purpose applications. It boasts improved flexibility and expandability for graphics, FPGAs, and NVMe, and is designed for greater efficiency and cost compared to many other dual-socket servers.Also at the OCP Summit, Jason Waxman, Intel Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter Solutions Group , spoke about the Twin Lakes server and our ecosystem collaborations. He announced Intel’s participation in the new OCP Security working group and Intel’s success in addressing the recent side-channel issues.  He also touched on the future of hyperscale datacenters leveraging a composable, disaggregated architecture called Intel Rack Scale Design (RSD). Intel® Rack Scale Design can help CSPs decrease costs and increase agility to meet their evolving customer demands.The next generation of cloud computing requires efficient, scalable, secure, and high performing infrastructure. Intel will continue to collaborate with its partners to enable cloud service providers to innovate and excel. To learn more about how Intel is transforming cloud computing, come visit us at Intel IT Peer Network here.last_img

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