How to buy happiness: a useful little guide

first_imgHappiness? by me.Did you know can?Yep.According to this article, “Happiness: A Buyer’s Guide” by Drake Bennett:A few researchers are looking again at whether happiness can be bought, and they are discovering that quite possibly it can – it’s just that some strategies are a lot better than others. Taking a friend to lunch, it turns out, makes us happier than buying a new outfit. Splurging on a vacation makes us happy in a way that splurging on a car may not… The problem isn’t money; it’s us. For deep-seated psychological reasons, when it comes to spending money, we tend to value goods over experiences, ourselves over others, things over people. When it comes to happiness, none of these decisions are right: The spending that make us happy, it turns out, is often spending where the money vanishes and leaves something ineffable in its place. Dear fundraisers, this is good news.The article (which is a must-read, if only to convince you it’s time to take out dear friends for dinner) draws ties to charity. Giving to charity or “prosocial spending” makes you happy, it finds. We’ve heard of this so-called “helper’s high” before. Giving to charity makes you feel good, perhaps even euphoric.Read the article and remember this: Asking for money is not about your need. It’s about what you can make your donors feel — happy. You’re in the business not only of doing good; you’re in the business of making people feel great.last_img

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