Embarrassed Thailand analysis of 1 billion at the box office miracle 1942 encounter Waterloo marketi

film market there is such a strange phenomenon, when a film has not been released when the film critic website, watercress network, local forum began a variety of speculation, no doubt, most of them are manipulating some marketing company. The film market hot, more and more cannot do without the Internet, so more and more push Navy also started the influx to the industry, promote the control of online word-of-mouth.

word of mouth promotion is a strategy, but a movie can withstand the test of the market, get a good box office, there are many factors. Network promotion is a "flashpoint word of mouth, in order to pave the way for greater reputation, the Navy will push users, although not too bright, but not cutting is a more effective strategy. However, this alone is not enough, "one way" embarrassed embarrassed Thai miracle at the box office and the "1942" Waterloo explains everything.

the success of a movie depends on marketing rather than

promotion and marketing of what is different? Marketing promotion, promotion is just promoting the concept of products to more people, and it contains the optimization of the marketing positioning, product planning product output after conversion until late. If a bad film, to promote a bigger area, everywhere advertising, to attract attention, may start a tipping point, however, the tipping point of the audience can form a good reputation effect, that this film will only cop-out, ultimately miserably.

There are three factors in

communication, the source of communication, the media and the audience. The spread of the source is the source to bring the outbreak and word-of-mouth, is also the film quality, "one way" embarrassed embarrassed Thailand is a good source of communication, is a comedy movie, ten people, eight people have good, worth a look, in the entertainment of today’s flood, to have such a good theme of the movie is not easy. The media is the outbreak of ignition point, to allow more people to participate in the pilot to burst. However, if the spread of the source is not good, only a very good medium of communication is not successful?

media, in fact, almost all of the box office is not a bad movie to promote the channel, the market is not doing well, but the spread of the source did not produce good, can not lead to word of mouth. You can say "1942" Huayi "no light media channels more embarrassed" Thailand? Do publicity less and less cost? Of course not, almost all channels, the competition is the quality of the movie.

high box office movie positioning to meet market tonality

The word

comes from where? People love to see what movie? What kind of movies can create high box office good communication? What are the sources of law? With all kinds of problems, do not do a lot of movies, insiders are not allowed to grasp the problem, the author Wang Yuezhang came from the network market "marketing analysis.

first, to make sure that the