What do the new media operators need to do From 0 to 1 Raiders crash

introduction: operation may not be certain aspects of the professionals, but must be more versatile.


now, whether Internet Co or traditional companies, more and more emphasis on new media marketing this thing. There are also more and more people began to engage in such a profession, and even abroad has opened " new media and social " such a professional. This article is also the author of the new media marketing a variety of knowledge and a summary of the hope that can help more practitioners, especially those interested in learning about new media marketing friends.

these two days is a text main scraper, that is to say, as long as the society can do these new media operations, and then lists a lot of hard soft skills, such as knowledge, in fact, this is the point I recognized, I have always felt that the operation may not be a party to the professionals, but must be many aspects all rounder.

1, new media operations need to do what


now has no dividend, do not rely on a little smarter such as sharp point, a small interaction can survive in the new media circles, is the real thing now has the ability to fight, when the strength to fight, but the most basic is to reflect the strength of the content.

recently chatted with some of my friends have ideas, want to do what say what the public number, my first words are recognized and encouraged, the second sentence is asked a sentence, if you can produce good content, as long as insist on this point, some can go. However, the continuous production of good content, easier said than done.

so the content has become a new media operations must be addressed.

form is divided into: text, pictures (dynamic and static), audio and video, now you can recall, basically every field now has N large.

how to do a good job of the content, do not start today, here to mention a chestnut can be done in a different angle.

, such as a public number to do a good meal, assuming that most of the girls are fond of food, in fact, too, ha ha…… The content must be to do around the girls and the general content of the output is delicacy, such thinking, but this time is not can change the angle of diversity of each personnel, such as the needs of each one face.


is a girl or a delicacy, can use " squares method " to divergent thinking. Please see the following figure:


users are girls, the theme is not delicacy, from the above two Figure 22 can be born inside any combination of numerous kinds of content of the starting point, such as: small meat cooks, slimming diet, skin care effect > ingredients