How to design a high quality poster

1 good ideas


good poster and beautiful visual effect is nothing to do with a good poster is more like a beautiful coat in a good idea. Start your draft with a pencil and avoid using a computer or social networking site as a starting point. Try to draw a variety of visual effects under different ideas. When you make up your mind, start thinking about the visual display of the screen or font. Use ideas to promote the development of visual elements, not the other way around.

to show the above case, is my creative forum for the design of a Inside Job (internal work) posters. I first decided to design a poster / pencil pistol, then I choose the background color with black and single for the visual elements (pencil and pistol) combined with.

2 Two in One

be made one


The beginning of an

can be selected in a long succession of posters for the words in the list. When you choose the words, let them in the draft. The two key words I choose for this poster are "pencil" and "heart"". Need to pass the message is "Target love education". A poster with a pencil or a heart is just too common. A poster of two different elements makes the finished product unique.

3 will bring your life to the creation of


2009, my wife is pregnant and we have our first child. During that time, I was asked to design a poster for the poster of the bicycle brand Artcrank, the only limitation is that the focus of the poster is a bike. So I had the idea of "sharing a bicycle with a baby’s element, and giving birth to a fancy concept bike," with a visual element on the poster.

4 bold attempt to different media


if you’re used to screen printing, try to embody the multi-level rich color overprint. And if you get used to digital printing techniques, it’s more likely. A lot of people who are used to screen printing can not look at the digital printing products, in fact, digital printing can better make the product into the photographic techniques and subtle changes in the shadow effect. If you are interested in letterpress printing, you can try in different types and materials of paper, make your work impressive.

5 hand painting


try to stay away from computer work and think. The best way to express your ideas, whether it is a three-dimensional sculpture or Pollock type Qingsa pigments, as long as can better express themselves to do it. Instead of computer