Website development must focus on internal Homeopathy

we know that the development of the site needs to go through a long process of continuous exploration and exploration. We try to use a variety of SEO skills to promote the site at all levels, but perhaps due to the limitations of technology and experience, many kinds of promotion programs suffered setbacks in progress.

we can do directory submission, links, blog marketing, Forum promotion, etc., but the results may not be ideal. At this time, smart webmaster may learn to look at their website content. Some owners may have such a revelation: the reasons for the promotion may not be external, but the content of the site structure is not to cater to customers. So we need to do a re examination of the site and modify.

first, we know that we need to pay attention to their web page title, we know that the results of the search results in the web page as a summary of the site presented in front of visitors. However, in order to improve the page user experience, search engine will be based on user search keywords, the corresponding page from the extracted corresponding content to show users, in different search engines, this will also be different.

Study on the

SEOER page title will do carefully, we can distinguish between Google and Baidu for the web page title choice is very different, Baidu for the title of the page selection are chosen in the range of title, Google and Baidu relative to the update of the intelligence, Google will generally choose "can best reflect the nature of the sentence" then as the page title. Therefore, the webmaster friends for Baidu SEO, to write the title of the site, you need to place the central user title. For Google to carry out SEO, we spend more energy, but in any case we can not relax on the title.

Secondly, we need to pay attention to the main structure of the website

. The main structure of the site is more like a tree, like a tree at the bottom of a huge trunk, which is divided into various branches. So is our website, the website home page for each column as the backbone, the other branches, each column can also set up Third branches, so clearly show is a very healthy website structure.

third, we need to optimize their web page concise code. We know that there are a lot of web page content, text, there are a lot of description code. In a lot of personal website now, describing the code is the repeated use of the situation is very common, reusable code as the content of the general to repeat the search engine hate, so we need to reasonably simplify their web page template, the unnecessary duplication of code to delete.


points above three points after sharing website content, website promotion describes the overall summary of the promotion of the website, actually very exquisite homeopathy, should follow the "from big to small, from extensive to fine" principle. Although we are in a certain period of time without some ability, we can take advantage of the opportunity, to move, thus saving strength has been gradually developing.

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