2014 word of mouth marketing will be pushed to the peak again

network marketing more and more businesses or network workers favor, but based on the principle of no grasp of marketing is, should not blindly follow the trend, should fully consider the characteristics of their own brand positioning and product marketing, in order to maximize the benefits.

from the recent Baidu word of mouth (koubei.baidu.com) on the low profile, and almost 360 web site reviews, users can choose to support, oppose, report, evaluation, impression and other information. Meizhou Peida network that Baidu launched a "word of mouth" can be seen in Baidu experience further upgrade for users to meet users in search, Baidu search engine algorithm to continuously improve and perfect, whether Baidu to make any adjustments to the basic consideration after all or users, as head of the US, not only need to adjust the direction of the algorithm more, you need to do is to grasp the needs of users, it is important to search the user site to meet the needs of users.

but Baidu word of mouth and security alliance has a lot to do, usually in the security alliance plus V sites are directly opened in the Baidu word of mouth, only a small part of the non V users were opened.

then the non V site how to do marketing? The next Meizhou Peida network to introduce how to use " " word of mouth marketing; so to maximize efficiency of network marketing.

one, the use of word-of-mouth advertising experience

this is a viral marketing mode, this mode will make full use of the social network user information flow, integrate e-commerce behavior and word-of-mouth marketing, compared with the market type of television advertising, consumers can trust from friends in a word or two, this way can help businesses pay more attention to the intrinsic quality of products excellent products, will likely get more praise in interpersonal network and wider dissemination.


users and brand and purchase behavior, you can share through their own blog, and the transmission chain of trust relationship between friends based and will bring a high degree of attention, so as to make the brand more marketing in the user word of mouth communication.

two, focus on word of mouth marketing, marketing content determines the marketing effect

on social networking sites, friends recommend and share especially worthy of attention and trust, also can change consumer behavior and the tendency in the subtle way of marketing content is relatively high, only the content attractive, a large number of SNS users will be willing to share and spread. It should be noted that in the transfer of information products, especially Product placement, not shenglayingzhuai, to prevent causing the user objectionable.

three, the star effect will expand the reputation of the brand


can in the title of the writing in the appropriate of climbing star, the effect is undoubtedly very good, I think a lot of people have seen a lot of cling to star title, for example: at the time of the Beijing Olympics, Lin Dan won his shoes at the audience, >