Some of the voices from Canadas DDay commemoration at Juno Beach

first_imgCOURSEULLES-SUR-MER, France — Some of the voices from the Canadian commemoration ceremony at Juno Beach on the 75th anniversary of D-Day:“We thank them not only for their sacrifice, but for their example. For inspiring countless young men and women to answer the call of duty like they once did. For teaching us the value of service. For showing us the true meaning of honour. We thank them for leaving us a better world than the one they once inherited.” — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau“It’s hard to say anything else but ‘Thank you.’ ” — France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe“I’m thinking about buddies that passed away … You still think of it. You can’t help it. It’s embedded in your mind.” — George Chow, 97-year-old D-Day veteran“D-Day was hard to explain to anybody because the kind of day it was then, we thought we knew everything that was going to happen that day and then when we got going, it was altogether different. But it was the noisiest day I’ve ever had in my life.” — Albert Boon, 94-year-old D-Day veteran“I dream all the time. I dream all these crazy dreams. Every night. I’m still dreaming and I’m often wondering why. Like last night, I dreamed about people that were killed in D-Day. And you see them young.” — Havelyn Chiasson, 98-year-old D-Day veteran“We the teenage fighters, no more than boys, achieved huge victories for Canada with a great cost of human life. What did the intervening 75 years achieve for Canada? We are a great nation. One where people from across the globe come for freedom, prosperity, to start new lives and to raise their families.” — Richard Rohmer, 95-year-old D-Day veteran“The courage and determination of Canadians on D-Day was not without cost. We give thanks for the 359 Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice on that day, and we remember our solemn duty to hold high the torch that has been passed on to us.” — Chaplain General Maj.-Gen. Guy ChapdelaineThe Canadian Presslast_img

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