From 4P to 4C marketing change how to do business marketing from the user point of view

user needs is the source of enterprise value, in this user demand oriented economic market environment, to grasp the needs of users, it is particularly important for enterprises. In today’s society, the network marketing is a necessary skill of the enterprise, so how to do business from the perspective of user needs to do network marketing?


traditional 4P marketing theory

famous 4P marketing theory (that is, product, price, channel, promotion) to provide us with some ideas, from the following four points for a simple analysis.

1 users to buy products products, the most important is to look at the value of the products, as well as the actual demand, the users themselves so that enterprises want to allow users to buy their products and services, we must start from the basic needs of users, to optimize and improve the system of products. With the continuous improvement of consumer spending power, enterprises should learn to keep pace with the times, in order to meet the growing needs of consumers;

2 price, the price is an important factor affecting the purchase of consumers, many consumers in the face of high prices, can only be prohibitive. Therefore, according to the needs of different target user groups, enterprises can produce different prices of similar products, so as to effectively reduce the loss rate of users;

3 channel, the channel selection determines whether we can find the precise target user groups, therefore, enterprises can according to different industries, different product categories to choose their own marketing channels, so as to improve the conversion rate of users;

4 promotion, enterprises to encourage consumers to buy products is a common means to engage in promotional activities, many consumers have the mentality of petty cheap. Therefore, enterprises will be to promote the way to meet the psychological needs of consumers, improve the conversion rate of transactions.

Changes in the background of the

era, consumers become more rational

with the changes in the background, consumers have become more rational, the traditional 4P marketing theory requires constant innovation to meet the growing needs of users, so 4C marketing strategy came into being.


4C customer value, customer cost, customer convenience, customer communication. From the 4C marketing strategy, we can see that it is more concerned about the consumer itself, from the standpoint of the consumer and the point of view of the problem, the following small business network to give you a brief analysis.

1 customer value, customer demand in this market environment, customer value is very important. For enterprises, we must first understand the needs of consumers, and then consider what kind of product production, so as to meet the logic;

2 customer costs, before consumers buy their products and services, we must first understand the budget of consumers, consumers are willing to provide products and services