Slow courier delivery at the end of the year and labor shortage the income of over a million is just

Wangjing a courier station cargo backlog photography / Yin Xiyu

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slow courier delivery by the end of the labor shortage and

New Year approaching, many express courier company have started to return. This home tide, resignation tide from December last year, began to form a scale, so that individual courier companies due to lack of manpower and delivery delays. The courier industry practitioners said that in today’s intense competition, a courier monthly income of ten thousand of the myth has burst, a lot of "90" courier quickly withdraw from the industry in strict performance appraisal and the customer’s eyes in.

it is understood that in the Beijing area, there are several courier companies each year due to recruit employees, sent a serious delay and suffered huge fines, had to close the door. The future, if it is difficult to get rid of the express industry recruitment difficult problems, I am afraid to face "slow delivery risk".


two regions have occurred courier delays

in mid December last year, after another Tencent micro-blog users posting the question with the sto tact Wangjing Fangzhuang station how. At that time, some netizens said the courier arrived in tact Wangjing branch three days be on. Until recently, there are still friends said he has arrived at Fangzhuang Shentong express company for several days, but have not yet received.

January 2nd, Beijing Wangjing branch community newspaper reporter had rushed to the Yuantong express Wangjing branch, see only two staff in the sorting of large quantities of goods. The staff said that these parcels are the recent backlog down, by the end of the year, we have to go home, people can not keep up". The customer service personnel connection tact also said that the reason is a large number of employees express backlog caused by the resignation, "now everything has returned to normal, we will speed up the delivery of parcels".

at the beginning of January, members of the public to reflect the Fangzhuang STO store in the area in front of a street vendor, waiting for the public to take part. Reporters on the scene found that 12 days before the shipment has not yet issued. In this regard, the person in charge of the Fangzhuang store has told reporters that the company the other village shops to rectify and adjust personnel two weeks ago, it caused some express retention, "run" to take delivery only temporary measures.


express backlog has been basically resolved

9 in the afternoon, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter STO in the South Fourth Ring Road in the vicinity of Fangzhuang branch to see, at present there is no express accumulation phenomenon, the staff said "20 days ago have piled up and now only a part of the future and delivery". The manager of the company Mr. Gu said, the store due to mismanagement, serious delay, from September last year fined about 300000 yuan a month, a former boss of no wages, the enthusiasm of the staff, led to the end of December express massive backlog, the backlog of "express two days to delivery is completed, wage arrears are gradually release". 9 evening, the reporter arrived at the BMC cuigezhuang near tact fast >