Double 11 a year, this year’s electricity supplier will soon end

we count the past year, the pattern of changes in the electricity supplier, but also for a month after the double 11 shopping Carnival do a little prediction, it is recommended that you sleep well.

recently, whether it is to open the phone Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, amazon…… Even micro-blog, you can’t avoid the pavement and the keywords and guide page: half off, concessions, pre-sale, double 11.

this means that the time of year to lure you to spend a lot of money again.

October 13th, Alibaba located in Hangzhou, Xixi, within the park, set up various types of exhibition and merchandise, and a half day press conference, announced a new "double 11" promotion begins.


Tmall international is located in Ali Xixi Park booth

only, this year’s "double 11" center of the topic, the main battlefield of the distance from the Hangzhou may be a little far from the point, Ma Yun and other top executives to monitor "double 11" situation, from the park called a "summit" conference room, Tmall recently moved to Beijing in the establishment of the "second"; the conference venue was filled with representatives of the government and consumers from 39 countries, using the full English speech, Ma Yun CEO Zhang Yong and President Michael Evans has been emphasized in international business, is also larger than last year’s double 11 "internationalization".

"double 11" creative, from the Tmall team in 2009 to test the water, no doubt also learn some of the United States in the first year of "black Friday" and "network Monday". Operation in 2014, Tmall in the double 11 day to create the transaction volume has been up to 57 billion 100 million yuan, more than the previous year’s $36 billion 200 million and more nearly 60%.

according to sources close to Ali told the curiosity daily data, Tmall team on 2015 double 11 transaction volume is expected to be around 80 billion yuan, the growth rate of close to last year. But the team faced pressure, and last year — but not mentioned in the same breath at the end of 2014, just in high and vigorous spirits in NYSE listed Alibaba. After a satisfactory double 11, the stock price also hit a record high of $120 per share.

but after nearly a year of twists and turns, the company’s stock price has shrunk to $68. In a recent letter, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma refuted "China economic slowdown will affect the consumer", this year’s "double 11", the Wall Street analysts have taken advantage of the best time to verify this statement.

Tmall conference has not yet ended, Jingdong, and other electricity providers have been this year’s double 11 preheat press release sent to various media mailboxes. In China, "double 11";

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