Opposition Local Government Commissioners accuse Central Govt of usurping their powers

Opposition members of the Local Government Commission aired their grievances during a press conference on Friday. Chief among their concerns is what they term the usurpation of their powers by Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan.Speaking during a press conference at the Opposition Leader’s office, were PPP Commissioners Norman Whittaker, Clinton Collymore and Carol Sooba.From Left: Commissioners Norman Whittaker, Clinton Collymore and Carol SoobaAccording to the Commissioners who were sworn in since October of last year, the body is being treated as just a front, while central government essentially runs the show.Collymore posited that “the Local Government Commission assumes control of the local government system basically the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and the Municipalities but while the law has been passed and certain allocations of finance have been made, the regime through the Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan continues to hold on to vital areas of authority belonging, by law and according to the Constitution, to the Commission.”“So we have a difficulty accessing funds, a difficulty accessing space and accommodation and a difficulty with how the Commission responds to public matters. We are unable to physically and efficiently respond to complaints in the local government system made by people” said Collymore.He also revealed that the monies that have been allocated for the Commission in the 2018 budget are yet to be made available.It was also outlined that the building that has been identified to accommodate the commission Eping Avenue does not cater for all the members of the Commission.Former Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker related that the government has been written to about the situation on numerous occasions.However, the situation remains very much the same.Local Government elections are expected to be held later this year. But the Commissioners are concerned if they will be able to carry out their role independently. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedLocal Government Commission: 8 persons appointed, will be sworn in shortly- HarmonOctober 19, 2017In “latest news”PPP/C nominates Sooba, Whittaker, Collymore for Local Gov’t CommissionJuly 7, 2016In “latest news”Communities Minster says LGC not being interfered withJune 6, 2018In “latest news”

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