Google Earth 6 adds 3D trees true Street View integration

first_imgGoogle has introduced the latest version of Google Earth, version 6. With it come a number of updates to make the world even more feature rich. These include:3D treesTrue integration with Street ViewEasier viewing of historical imageryAdChoices广告As you can see in the video above, the combination of 3D trees with 3D buildings really adds something to the experience. Currently 3D trees are available for parks and several cities around the world. There’s also 50 types of tree being used, creating a more realistic overall look.Street View is now an integral part of Google Earth with blue outlines appearing for all streets that have it available. Transitions are seamlessly to Street View mode, and there’s even a switch to ground level viewing with 3D buildings (and trees) if you wish.Finally there’s historical imagery. A clock will appear in Google Earth allowing you to go back in time for key areas and see what the lay of the land used to be like. The only limit is where historical imagery is available and how far you can go back in time.As is always the case, Google intends to keep adding data so more areas will get this rich content experience in the coming months and years.Read more at The Official Google BlogMatthew’s OpinionWhile I rely on and use Google Maps a lot more, Google Earth is turning into a fantastic resource. For me it’s more of an exploration tool, where as Maps is for practical use such as figuring out how to get somewhere.Google has a phenomenal amount of data about the earth, but at the same time it is just touching the surface of information to map. One day you’ll be able to load up Google Earth and go shopping in 3D in the perfectly reconstructed mall of some other state, drive down a highway experiencing the traffic in real-time, and possibly even see your friends walking around if they are online. You’ve got to expect Google to eventually add features like that as well as the inevitable advertising to generate more revenue.last_img

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