Sony turned off PSN to track external intrusion

first_imgLast week Sony annoyed more than a few gamers when it admitted the PlayStation Network may be down for a few days. The Easter weekend is a time many gamers would have been planning many hours sat with a PS3 controller in-hand engrossed in some multiplayer action.It’s now Monday, and PSN is still down, but at least we have some more details, if still not the whole picture as to what is going on.AdChoices广告It turns out PSN wasn’t taken offline by a third-party, Sony decided to turn it and Qriocity off last Wednesday in response to an “external intrusion”. Sony did this so it could figure out exactly who had compromised its services and re-secure the network. Even so, to be offline for 5 days and counting means it must have been a pretty serious breach.For the moment, Sony is just thanking gamers for their patience, but still refuses to set a time when PSN will be back online fully. We say fully as apparently parts of it still work such as game updates. But if you want to play a multiplayer game, or buy some digital download games, you are out of luck for the time being.It is thought the long period of downtime is because Sony has decided to rebuild the network from scratch. By doing this it can enhance security from the ground up, but at the same time that’s a lot of data and services to place back on the network.Read more at PlayStation.Blog, via Ars technicaMatthew’s OpinionIt looks to me as though this breach has highlighted a number of security problems on PSN and Sony decided extending the downtime to fix them all was better than having some more downtime in the near future. It’s just really unlucky for everyone it had to happen over a holiday weekend like this.The reliability of Sony’s digital presence will be called into question after this, but again, this is a good reason for Sony to take a lot of heat now and have a much more secure system going forward. Hopefully this will not happen again.last_img

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