Bomb squad blows up aspiring screenwriters laptop and script

first_imgMaking it in the movie business is meant to be as much about luck as it is about talent so I’ve heard. That’s the same whether you are an aspiring actor, writer, or director.For actors and writers it’s a case of submitting work or going for interview and then awaiting a call back or rejection. One aspiring screenwriter received a very clear rejection last week in Los Angeles when his script and accompanying laptop were blown up at the back of a talent agency.Apparently the writer had been harassing the agency in a bid to get them to read his work, but they had refused for some reason. So, in a final bid to get them to notice him, he put his script and laptop in a briefcase and left it inside the agency.What doesn’t make sense here is that he locked the briefcase, so when a security guard noticed and investigated it, the only thing he could do was to be very cautious and protect everyone in the building from this unknown package. He took the case outside the agency office and left it in an alleyway before calling the police.The bomb squad were summoned to inspect the suspect package which they then proceeded to detonate. The writer’s script and laptop were obliterated in the blast.While technically the agency still hasn’t read his work, I think the writer will probably decide to move on and seek some feedback elsewhere now. That’s assuming he has a backup of his script. Seeing as he included a paper version and his laptop, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has been left to rewrite what he had all over again.The bomb squad may have actually done the movie-viewing public a favor by destroying the case. If it was a really bad script, and the agency did decide to run with it, we could be subjected to it on the big screen a year or two from now.via Los Angeles Timeslast_img

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