iOS 7 may prevent you from playing World of Warcraft

first_imgEarlier today at 1PM ET, Apple released iOS 7 to the masses. Some were able to update without a hitch, while the rest of us were hit with customary release day snags. Whether or not the rush of people prevented you from getting and loving iOS 7 right when you wanted it, iOS 7 itself may be preventing you from another love: World of Warcraft. Blizzard has issued an official statement saying that iOS 7 may disable your iPhone Mobile Authenticator.The update won’t completely destroy your authenticator, but will thankfully only reset it, meaning you have to manually kick it back into gear. Blizzard offers the best practices for getting your authenticator up and running again.First, make sure you record the authenticator’s restore code and serial number. Just in case you don’t trust your own handwriting, take a screenshot of the information. Then, before you update, remove the authenticator app through the help of this Blizzard form. Update to iOS 7 as normal; Blizzard suggests updating over WiFi, as that has less of a chance to create a problem. Once you successfully update to iOS 7, reinstall and reactive the authenticator, and everything should be good to go. You can now access your account full of humorously named gnomes once again, and question the trajectory of your life the next time you hit the level cap on yet another gnome.So, while iOS 7 won’t lock you out of World of Warcraft forever, you should be aware that it might render your authenticator useless for a little bit, and you’ll have to manually reactivate it. You can always sign up for the SMS Protect service as well, which is another avenue to help remove and restore your authenticator.last_img

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