Taobao independent search engine formally launched today


Taobao search engine

news October 20th, independent search engine ( today officially launched the beta. This is one of the important measures after Taobao screen Baidu search, the industry believes that Taobao will further consolidate the market position through this.

Taobao independent search page similar to the simple style of Google Baidu, according to the results of the search test, the search engine is currently provided by the search results are still based on Taobao data. But Taobao insiders pointed out that the future does not rule out the possibility of doing the whole network open search.


technology in contrast to a commodity and the Taobao home page search page search results found that the independent search results page is more concise, the front page of Taobao search results of the products display Taobao mall recommendation was taken in the independent search page, and in the search results page displays basic information in addition to store information, photos the location, price, security, also added sales and credit information, and can be carried out in descending order.

according to insiders, Taobao independent search engine project started as early as a year ago, and recruited a large number of talent.

earlier rumors that Taobao and Microsoft to build Google search platform, Taobao denied this, and said that the current complete with its own search technology. In September last year, Taobao officially announced shielding Baidu search, NetEase Youdao and Google also launched a shopping search.



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