Zheng Nanyan first O2O the introduction of social killer

the evening of September 6th, the Guangzhou TIT Creative Park, known as a "beta" cafe near the headquarters of the 7 Days Inn, the original 7 days of Electronic Commerce Director Quan Manwu sitting in front of reporters. This time he talked about just got $10 million angel investment "first" wireless consumer platform.

The Econo Hotel reservation in

mobile phone and mobile Internet application software, information recommendation in one of the local idle away in seeking pleasure. Zheng Nanyan, chairman of the joint with the 7 day of the whole day, as well as a technical background of the joint establishment of a friend of the three.

Econo Hotel reservation for the mobile phone has served as executives at the 7 day of Ctrip, Zheng Nanyan is obviously very much at home, from the initial "point line" to now cover more than 5 thousand hotels bear – hotel reservations, booking volume less than a year it has accumulated 2 million users and 7000 daily room, which has become a profit the company, in the field of mobile phone and hotel has few peers.

However, they are not familiar with the

to enter the field, the new "idle away in seeking pleasure" the first is facing strong competition, not only has worked for many years in the market of dianping.com, who has just won $10 million financing of the Sequoia Capital Beijing Lehe interactive, social function into the field of mobile O2O become the founder of initial breakthrough difference find the.

initial appearance of the original

to the end of June this year from 7 days CEO stepped down Zheng Nanyan, in addition to retaining the 7 day co chairman of the position, the car still reocar served as chairman of the board and independent director of vip.com. However, let him put the longest time is still the most interested in the mobile O2O (online to offline) field, that is, from the beginning of the end of last year to organize the initial, originally called the line".

Zheng Nanyan’s original idea is to build a mobile Internet based fast hotel reservation system. Because the founding team in the first view, Ctrip, e-long and other traditional business services are the advantages of telephone and Internet from the traditional one in the field of mobile Internet, several enterprises have also developed client, but its advantage is not here.

at the same time, some Move Hotel reservation software, such as "Hotel housekeeper, Fasthotel housekeeper and other applications in quick order, fast payment, as well as the control of the line of the hotel, and obviously not" first "par.

Quan Manwu told reporters, "just a few months time we will be 7 days, Home Inns, JinJiang Inn, Super 8, Econo Hotel chain into our coverage, the latest four quarter and Hanting cooperation is expected to reach, although before the competition, but for the first competitive mobile Internet applications, all Econo Hotel attitude."

has two mature teams in Beijing and Guangzhou, with a commission of Econo Hotel

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