The enterprise carries on the network marketing promotion skill

network marketing compared with traditional marketing, with a small investment, quick return characteristics of large enterprises in the development process, can use the Internet for a new network marketing model, to promote their products and service enterprises. Below I introduce some enterprise network marketing methods and skills.

1, enterprise blog marketing

to blog as the representative of the Web2.0 concept has a very good interaction and communication, and Internet users to participate in and play a creative. Enterprises can also communicate with each other in the form of corporate blog, to enhance customer relationship, improve the effectiveness of business activities.

enterprise blog should publish rules and guidelines in the beginning of the establishment of the draft, including not to disclose confidential information, not released may harm the reputation of the company information and so on, in order to reduce the risk of possible corporate blog.

enterprise blog network marketing value is mainly reflected in the following aspects: can directly lead to potential users, for users to obtain information through the search engine provides an opportunity, can easily increase the number of links, the enterprise website blog is to establish authoritative website brand effect to one way. Enterprises can cooperate with sina, Sohu, NetEase and other portals, open up their own enterprise blog on its portal, is also an ideal way to establish the brand effect of the authoritative website.

2, free software marketing

enterprise network marketing is to sell their products, and an important way for high efficiency and low cost of product promotion is the release of a free software, users willing to download free software, but also to spread and share the use of free software experience, if the enterprise through early free software, access to a large number of users. It can be through various methods to exploit these users of commercial value, realize the enterprise billing software sales.

free software to do the best is Google, Google has a full range of free software, the famous free software include: Gmail, Google Earth, Google Gmail in pinyin, free software, can only use the Google domain name, enterprise users want to use Gmail, you must use Google Apps enterprise application suite fee. Similarly, Google Earth itself is free, but to use high definition printing or import data, it is necessary to use the professional version of the charges.

if there is no corresponding free software and free software, it can still carry out marketing using free software, such as Google Pinyin input method example, this software is free, no charge version, but Google pinyin can bind the Google toolbar, also bound to Google search, the latest version of Google Earth is bundled with Google software selection of management ", thus through popular free software to promote their core product or service fee.

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