Taobao ecosystem can not find the explosion of art electricity supplier

25 years ago, the world’s first art price database and network trading platform Artnet was established in the United states. Artnet CEO Jacob · Pabs (JacobPabst) said in an interview before the first financial daily, Artnet art online sales profit growth at an annual rate of 20%, 60% of customers from the United States, the rest from 124 countries and regions, including Bulgaria and Mongolia. Thanks to the further development of the network and the establishment of credit, more and more people buy more works of art at a higher price."

Ministry of culture, the 2014 annual report of China’s art market shows that last year, China’s total trade volume of more than $200 billion in the art market, of which art online transactions amounted to 3 billion yuan, an increase of 67%. At present, the online art sales has not been entirely online copy of the auction industry, but evolved more unique form.

was founded in 2012 of the "Art Deco Chinese" the current plan is to create a set of B2C and C2C in one platform, continue to attract outsiders to focus on the art; and "brother beat" the WeChat group auction, is aimed at people in social habits "pain points", the highest Internet penetration tool, rapid, low cost of art auction. The two are exactly the same: one is open large trading platform, continue to attract the public to enter; the other is a closed loop, focusing on in-depth development of the industry.

and Taobao essentially different platform

, one of the founders of Art Deco Chinese poly auction executive director Zhao Xu in the history of his "embrace the Internet" said: "the circle of art electricity supplier, non professionals." He said the professional, including the degree of professionalism in the field of art, as well as professional Internet industry.

in 2012, after the peak of the art market has entered a period of adjustment, this year the founder of the "Art Deco China", initially positioning for the identification of the site, online sale to pan art auction based products, including contemporary art, painting and calligraphy art, Chinese derivatives and other types of. In May 2013, its cooperation with Taobao’s "Taobao family fu works of painting and calligraphy auction" achieved a total turnover of 2 million 509 thousand and 500 yuan, the turnover rate of 95% results.

but Zhao Xu’s goal is not set up shop on Taobao, and Taobao cooperation, their own shop, it is not innovation, it is not the Internet products, and electricity supplier has nothing to do." His understanding of art deals is in conflict with Taobao’s ecosystem. Taobao are all small businesses in the sale of works of art, they want to make buyers feel that things are sold cheaper. But art can not be sold, it is actually more expensive to sell. Can not even pricing, but will make people feel like they buy value." Taobao cooperation with this period of time, he found that the art of doing just a lot of customers will be introduced into the Taobao, but ultimately in the massive amount of Taobao business information is flooded.

for a work of art electricity supplier, Taobao

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