ORG is also good to talk about my understanding of the ORG domain name

yesterday registered a org domain name, to tell the truth, I like org more than like net, of course, some reluctantly, there must not be registered ORG com.

first get a data, the number of global domain name applications in the top six pages: com, org,, net, CN 46000000, info 13300000, 12800000.

com is worthy of the boss, the number of other domain name suffix and.Com is not the same number of levels. In the world, far more than the net org page, this may surprise a lot of people. Chinese people like the extent of Org, and the world is not synchronized, in the Chinese website, org is far from’s opponent. So, your org domain name may be easier to find in foreign markets. more and more bearish, the application number and even less

info, name, biz, Mobi four international is fellow sufferers, ranking: info, name, Mobi, biz, and Chinese bell, to name: name, biz, qualifying into info, Mobi, one of the important reasons that English people know name, but confused on the other. Cn and net dispute, it is clear now, in the world, the number of CN is less than.Net 1/3, but in China, is ranked runner up. If you are facing the international market, net the opportunity to big, but not as good as.Org, if you are facing the domestic market, the greater the chance of cn.

is now a registered domain name seems to have such a tendency: some people would rather give up the good word of Org or, but to register some think a good domain name, such as China movies, some people prefer to register is not registered with, you know, now all the suffix four letters and numbers of collocation form basically extinct. If you have a good org, or choose ORG bar.

domain name is always the most important meaning, so that people can understand the meaning of a glance, can remember the domain name is the best.

talk about short domain name, short domain name is the best in the domain name, it is the best, is the most secure investment. However, outsiders may not, if you get an, certain that it would be strange to say, "this is your address you", in layman’s view, short domain name on the site is not, therefore, the short domain name may not be in take out a good price, generally only in the domain name industry transfer. For example, Google, I have not entered, I used to

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