The major media questioned why Dangdang earnings valuation unchanged three years

at the end of May 2009, co President Li Guoqing and Yu Yu in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places have been announced, profit after 10 years of operation. The news immediately raised the voice of the industry questioned. Well known Internet commentator Hong Bo, as well as a number of industry insiders pointed out that Dangdang 80 times price earnings ratio, the number of hundreds of thousands of copies of the book data worth exploring, which has far exceeded the normal level of peers.

questioned: a $1 billion valuation for 3 years with the same


Internet commentator Hong Bo made in June 1st, Dangdang announced earnings are not the first time. Hong Bo carried out on reported in the blog: was founded 10 years ago, Li Guoqing and Yu Yu had 8 times related interview, announced this month or quarter profit, also have to predict the profit, and then announced earnings reports have repeatedly appeared several years ago. Miss Xu said Dangdang public relations, Hong Bo has not yet seen the details of the blog. The fact that Dangdang has realized the month or quarter earnings, while continuing to achieve full profitability in this year has just been achieved. Prior to the annual earnings report to be confirmed.

in the media interview, Li Guoqing revealed that Dangdang’s current valuation of $1 billion minimum. Hong Bo yesterday to accept the daily economic news reporter pointed out that in 2006, two interviews in 2007, Dangdang announced the valuation of $1 billion. Hong Bo questioned why Dangdang almost no growth in value 3 years ago to Dangdang $100 million, you can get a 10% stake in the investment of $100 million this year, or in exchange for a share of 10%". It is not wise to invest in value added and plan to exit venture capital companies within 3 to 5 years.

pointed out that Dangdang three years valuations remain unchanged, so the company is not much progress, how to realize the loss to profit from confusing. And Miss Xu said that there is no problem with the $1 billion data is the valuation of Dangdang given by PE. The data a few years ago, to be verified.

questioned two: 80 times the price earnings ratio, far more than peers

Hong Bo said to Li Guoqing, Dangdang each private equity valuations are not less than 80 times also expressed doubts. He told reporters that this is 80 times the total valuation and the ratio of total earnings, can be compared with the price earnings ratio of listed companies. Hong Bo said, now the company’s net profit and earnings ratio of 10 to 20 times, while the portal is between 20 to 30 times, the industry has not more than 40 times the price earnings ratio of the company. Dangdang was founded only 10 years, to achieve the price earnings ratio of 80 times is almost impossible.

another veteran Internet users also put forward the view that the current momentum of the Amazon is fierce, but the price earnings ratio is only about 50 times, Dangdang’s price earnings ratio of more than 80 times more likely to be a dream. Miss Xu and on this question that they can not agree, she suggested that Baidu’s earnings have been as high as 400 times. Dangdang is currently expected to be 80 times normal. < >

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