Free fish face to face function on the line face to face transactions are guaranteed

excess in this shopping era, more and more people choose to idle fish processing platform used their unused items, and choose to meet the transaction, but many people will worry about the safety of the face to face transactions.

to solve this problem, to better protect the safety of funds, face to face transactions to enhance the user experience, while offline transactions can be mutual evaluation, transaction records back, idle fish will be on the line a new function – "see".


recently, some users have found that in Taobao announced the rules of the management of idle fish, the addition of idle fish see see the transaction rules.

it is understood that the "see" is the new function of "face to face" the idle fish will be on the line in early January this year, the latter will consider increasing the "meet impression" interactive content, increase the credit precipitation and user interaction activity.

in the "new" idle fish in "see" rules include: if the parties choose to "see" to meet the transaction, the seller to complete the "scan code receivables", the transaction status automatically update transaction success; if the buyer is not in the "see" launched to meet the transaction booking payment within 3 days the transaction closed automatically cancel orders.

, according to the current disclosure of the "see" test shots, the new version of the "idle fish" the right side of the commodity page to increase the prompt, click "+" can see "see" options.


buyers and sellers are confirmed after seeing the transaction, idle fish will be reminded to wait to meet the inspection, get the goods re payment".


completed on both sides of the inspection, after the payment, the page will produce the corresponding two-dimensional code, then the buyer’s money is still subject to Alipay security protection process. Sellers in the sweep of the collection and delivery of goods at the end of the transaction.

it is understood that the two-dimensional code set up in the transaction to meet the lock link, in order to ensure the safety of capital flows. And no matter what kind of payment to meet the transaction, the buyer must face to face verification.

At the same time,

also remind the user of idle fish, the transaction must be completed within the system link in the idle fish, in order to get the protection of the security system. Users must not be separated from the idle fish with other tools to communicate and pay.

and some Internet watchers also said that in addition to transaction security considerations, see also more transactions and communication scenarios into the idle fish trading process. It is understood that, see later will also consider adding to meet the impression and other interactive content.


addition to the addition of new features, idle fish new regulations also increased the number of independent market control measures, the new regulations will come into effect on January 10th.

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