SF store opened in May the first batch of 500 to make money by selling advertising

The new plan

SF days before exposure, and behind the 3 community convenience stores, also hidden SF will be bigger business ambitions.

, according to informed sources, the SF opened the first store a total of 523, will be located in the country in May 1st. This figure is far more than 300 of the early industry forecast. The person pointed out, then, the virtual container store display, SF important resource window, will be fully open to retailers.

is currently placed in the entrance window display samples to meet the user experience under the line. At the same time, in store posters, two-dimensional code wall placed virtual goods, sweep the code through the phone, direct jump to the brand’s mobile mall." A shoe merchant told billion state power network, the SF may integrate commodity resources, and focus on creating the entrance to SF online mall.

the merchant said to discuss cooperation has been carried out in local stores and sf. The first opened in the local SF stores will reach 30, in addition to shoes, imported food, daily necessities (such as diapers, toilet paper and other activities) will also be put on the shelf "SF store".

with the depth and breadth of the category increases, a line based scan code to buy, merchant shipping, to the store from mentioning or door-to-door new community virtual shopping will be born. Once the SF to build its own business platform, businesses can display directly from the line to go online, thus completing the reverse O2O open platform settled mode. Future users can directly enjoy the single electronic business platform in SF and enjoy SF distribution, or to convenient service SF convenience store from mentioning the.

industry forecasts, SF if you build a business platform, can expand open based on SF preferred; but because the SF should store shared background system with the new online platform, choice is also a new business platform O2O.

obviously, SF stores not only meet the convenience services, more of the vast retail market overweeningly ambitious. Especially after the early convenience store water aground, re planning of the "third generation" of the SF store, there seems to be a larger pattern.

earlier, according to the results shown, the SF new stores and Apple stores are very similar. In addition to merchandise display function, but also added more experience places, such as digital video products, interactive area, customers in the SF store can even play the game. At the same time, SF stores also provide logistics, advertising display, virtual sales, sale, dressing rooms and other services.

"is not only to meet the user experience, the future will become the new SF from the warehouse and display advertising businesses, brands can get brand exposure in the store, SF is an indirect distribution agency." According to another unnamed businesses revealed that SF store advertising wall resource price is about 100 yuan -200 yuan / month / store. If the first batch of 523 stores in accordance with the calculation, all rolled out, need to put a year around 50-60 million. And if you want to experience the area on the shelf (or counter), >

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