Liu ya To summarize 8 kinds of network promotion methods of the wicked

I’m in the network promotion sector has also mixed in a short time, have seen a lot of clever promotion methods, however, these include network promotion method belongs to the part of the line above the level of the wicked, but there is a condition that, although the promotion method is wicked, but promotion or their products agent is normal, the promotion of deceptive products, such as promotion of pornographic websites, network marketing and so on, even if he extended again brilliant, to cheat and illegal behavior, promotion methods which I do not contain them this. I used to write an article on the promotion of network ethics, no matter how personal promotion ability, the first condition is to choose their own products to promote.

first: rogue. Promotion methods in the history of the wicked is bullying, such as bundled installation, forced to modify your homepage, hijack your domain name, open a web page to jump two, clearly point is closed, you can see that it is open ", with some virus and so on, of course, not anyone can play rascal, or you have to have the capital, and other channels of cooperation, or you have a superb technology. If you can refer to the Baidu domain name on your site, nothing can imagine.

second: hype type. Not all the hype is wicked, but there is indeed such a phenomenon, for example, a certain company and a company how, usually someone is deliberately released this news to guide people to discuss with Affirmative, leader of the opposition, is singing praise Germany, a vulgar curse, complete the communication in people’s mouth battle. There is a relatively common method, an unknown product or not well-known companies and large companies deliberately put together, so as to raise their fame, promote itself users need entertainment, no ground for blame, products need to compare, but sometimes operations, very boring. There is a person, some people in order to let his intended to have at One’s reputation was a byword., famous people, this method is very effective, the problem is, people will doubt your brain problems, not only mean, but also has a problem. Don’t say anything else, export into dirty, disorderly bite people can go to, but, I still leave you second. Clever but not noble.

third: Monster type. Helpless, Rita, engaged in network promotion of beauty and handsome small proportion in horror, if we often go to places or QQ group, saw a woman, will definitely be very influential, lamented there will be more than a few, so some forums seem like girls ID, waiting for you spent a tremendous effort to successfully take from N days after the cup that is essentially a man, but also with micro-blog, the beauty of the picture, with the beauty of the identity to promote the probability point link is big, this also proves that men of this great truth. However, I can not use this method, because the elder sister is really beautiful, hey hey. My QQ:768685250, interested can add, chat on the free.

fourth: empty lure >

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