How to make your APP popularity

with the mobile Internet is widely used in various industries in the era of development, some enterprises through the Internet business, that has its own website operation on the line, and in the mobile terminal will use QQ, WeChat, micro-blog and other clients to drainage and the accumulation of customers, at the same time, entrepreneurs will ask, why should I have my APP


in fact, whether you belong to any industry, when developed to a certain extent, the accumulation of the mobile terminal user is always rely on others on the platform is fully transferred to the enterprise have marked a big question mark, it is parasitic. In addition, the number of mobile phone users gradually large, you can not change the user activity circle, contact more customers through the mobile terminal that is inevitable, therefore only belong to one of its own APP, to maximize the retention of this group of users you.


many companies, who do not want to let this fat mobile market, when APP is used as a direction of the development of enterprises, is also facing various problems, after all, the number of global APP has reached tens of thousands, but according to the user’s habits, each user will choose their own common or the value of several APP installed, want to compete for the user is not simple, but to your APP popularity, the premise is to think of a way to make your APP effective out, then stimulate your users.


how to promote APP?

promotion APP is to allow users to voluntarily APP installed in their mobile phones, even if it is the first step. Here, the odd network Xiaobian from two aspects to promote the promotion of APP methods: online promotion and offline promotion.

and online promotion of similar products, but compared with the promotion of the product directly contributed to the conversion rate, it is much easier to promote APP. The same is the use of forums, micro-blog, WeChat, etc., to attract users to download APP. But in what way, the user is willing to install your APP. For example: the forum platform or other way in business related fields in question, through professional answer the user’s question, but it is best not to answer all the professional on the problem, may be appropriate to attach a two-dimensional code scanning APP, and remind the users can get more information from the APP, but reputation is very important, must not deceive users to trust you, ensure that the user experience.

and WeChat micro-blog APP promotion, some time ago in the WeChat crazy forwarded by many users to download and use a APP: clear street, its promotion way is: to get the verification code through the sharing of information to a circle of friends, after downloading the APP input validation code to get permission to buy a penny, you can buy the product value of tens of dollars or, to seize the user small greedy mentality, just a few days, APP users will increase rapidly. Similarly, the United States, the public and other APP users can enjoy one yuan to participate in the movie, attractions tickets and other preferential purchase live >

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