Common methods of website marketing

integrated marketing network is the integration of cyber source, composite website promotion. Every day there are countless Internet sites, numerous sites closed down, Hou Qinglong believes that the network of integrated marketing methods to play a significant role.

a search engine marketing

search engine marketing refers to the search engine optimization, keyword advertising, keyword ranking, search engine advertising search engine positioning status in network marketing is particularly important, every day people from all walks of life to use search engines to search for information. Through the search engine marketing can bring traffic and end customers.

two, e-mail marketing method

email to product information, publications, introductions and other directions sent to e-mail advertising. Based on the promotion of e-mail marketing, this method can remind the user of the product.

three, resource cooperation marketing method

site link exchange, exchange, cooperation and information content of advertising promotion, information cooperation, user resources cooperation, is the so-called "one and one for all", benefit sharing, win-win cooperation, common development.

four, network advertising marketing method

Internet advertising is one of the commonly used network marketing promotion, running directly through the website advertising the position, can be directly borrowed from the other network media promotion, website advertising is the advantage of a wide range of forms, strong applicability, delivery time, etc., suitable for early website marketing.

five, information marketing methods


website information related industry website, the user in access to the sites at the same time, to understand your site information, to a hole in the wall through the information can be released to promote the yellow pages, classified ads, forum, blog, supply and demand information platform, the industry website, this is one of the common methods of free website promotion.

six, website marketing method

the number of website information submitted to the relevant web site navigation, access to a huge network traffic, some users often enter the site navigation to query the information related to the site, and the promotion, on the website of the effect is obviously.

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