The best publicity is not propaganda and to avoid the Beggar King than the treasure

at noon on the QQ line, G city to do tutoring friends have long been waiting for me online, I am impatient, he planned a new website marketing program, would like to seek my advice.


The success of

Yibudengtian where

I told him that the marketing method is always secondary, as one of their own entrepreneurial roots, the most important thing is to clear the direction, as long as there is in the right direction, unremittingly development speed is slow down, even if some, eventually also can go to the destination. On the other hand, emphasizing the speed of "poles apart" is the greatest tragedy.

I think he is from now on he is to admit their own shortcomings, to learn professional skills, enrich themselves and improve themselves; at the same time to establish brand awareness, from now on the brand process, continue to strengthen the brand – not only for customers to strengthen this kind of brand awareness, but also to their own so strengthen brand awareness, and to constantly in their own teaching practice, consciously through various details of amplification such "unique brand connotation". As long as this perseverance, we will be able to become experts, beyond experts, to create their own industry visibility – the opportunity is prepared for the people".

friends but only in their own mind clearly the new website design, a move to ask me how to do in order to obtain Baidu favor, I said, is not important to the website can get Baidu’s favor, but you must complete the content according to user needs, this is the basis for all marketing. As long as the foundation, if the emphasis on "user experience first" Baidu web search is not recommended for you, only that it has, without any damage to you, because you can derive other marketing methods more and better, do not have to own to hang on the tree in Baidu.

said, we returned to the topic of the content of the site, I said: "you used to the site is too thin, and similar to other sites (only by Baidu K station)". He asked me, "where do you think I am like someone else?" I said, "you should ask yourself, what is my characteristic, and is it on my website?"

for a while he did not say anything, actually this question is the key to any site, any means of marketing, finally advocates must ask ourselves the question: "what is my characteristic in my website (advertising and other marketing tools) show it?"

after a while, the friend told me: "(I) is a feature of a pair of small boutique counseling". I told him, "no," according to you, you have a student who has an average score of less than 40 points, and the average score of more than 80 minutes after counseling. Results down characteristics of parents immediately sent SMS’ teacher appreciation, I think your self industry positioning) is found at the underachiever’s potential abilities.

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