Tencent X goose factory and Coca-Cola and make plans what news

last year to tide brand CASIO released limited edition watch cited fever trend, grab joint Luhan desire season earned 200 million interactive doll custom limited attention, and the United States jointly launched the IOT, Tencent as power brands to connect young people, fun fun social industry "was machine", but also for their own "plan X" ushered in the first FMCG industry’s "soul mate", January 9th, QQ and Coca-Cola strategic cooperation conference in Shanghai, officially announced joint exploration combines "commemorative edition linked adorable gift box" and "online interactive products Coca-Cola Chang town as one of the new ways of cross-border cooperation.

since its birth in 1999, QQ has become an indispensable part of the daily life of the Chinese people in social symbols, with generations of users to explore the fun, connect the world. Along with the social network channel sink and trend of younger age, more and more young people to join the community and social network platform, such as the famous cultural researcher Neal · in Bozeman "entertainment to death" said, dividing the entertainment industry and non entertainment industry had become blurred, "Young generation" is completely changing business structure. Because of this, brand and communication needs of young people is more and more urgent, and QQ huge young user traffic and powerful online content platform, and a faction of the mature IP system, powerful connector between the brand and the young people become, but also the achievements of young marketing QQ proud.

QQ VS Coca-Cola, young to play together

The QQ

strategic cooperation reached with Coca-Cola, is essentially a precision for the 95 after youth brand youthlization attempt and entertainment social play to explore, for both sides is undoubtedly a successful win-win battle.


on the one hand, the collision sparks the social scene of the QQ Family social IP and Coca-Cola classic image based on the "commemorative joint emerged adorable gift for the next line of the channel" issue, both sides will brand image value of IP virtual ground, taste funny gift pursuit adorable appearance design fit young people, brand the classic image of the limited engraved gave the gift of high-end custom meaning, with young people on the quality of life needs and feelings of the exclusive.


on the other hand, QQ Coca-Cola launched a joint online entertainment social product – "Coca-Cola Chang town", is the hand Q wallet page on top of the game based on a social platform, the platform itself removed flow feeding, the new story line for the game set, exquisite picture style, low threshold high yen value prize gift, natural to attract a large number of young people chasing love fresh taste. Users can also buy Coca-Cola through QQ wallet to achieve the perfect combination of online social networking platform and physical sales.


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