Hot mom to help complete the D round of financing reached a strategic cooperation with Suning

next, channels, cross-border cooperation and artificial intelligence is the focus of its development direction


36 krypton was informed that the maternal and child class mobile social platform freaky help recently completed by Suning group exclusive strategic investment D round of financing. Spicy mom to help the founder and CEO Kim said that as of 2016, the company has helped to achieve the scale of profit, so it is more important to cooperate with the investor’s resources. After this round of financing, freaky help advantage will help Suning double platform four channels, as well as in creative, sports, finance, real estate and other industrial layout resources, accelerate the development of freaky help in terms of channels, cross-border cooperation etc..

it is understood that this cooperation, Suning’s red child company will help docking with hot mom. Spicy mom will help integrate their own hot mom mall section, the full access to the red child maternal mall, Suning Suning advantage in the retail supply chain, to solve the user shopping needs, improve the content of the layout of the shopping guide. After the completion of a series of integration of the user, channel, shopping mall, advertising side, the two sides will also take greater market action.

grasp the line channels to seize the mobile traffic entrance

was born in 2012 to help the mother has become the mother of the mother and child in the class platform leader. Kim said that at the beginning of the establishment, the positioning of the mother to help her mom’s online communication platform, with the development of the business, its business model has also been adjusted. From 2015 onwards, the company began to focus on the whole process of the whole process of user needs, and to force the line.

at present, the company has two children to help her mother and mother of the baby’s products, one is the same name with the company’s community products, spicy mom help, one is for the -1 to the age of 1 years of baby development partner".

is pregnant partner in 2015 with the company’s business to adjust the strategy of product launch, as a professional escort during pregnancy and neonatal maintenance tools, pregnancy partner health data management of the pregnant mother and the newborn, is to build a mobile terminal entrance flow. Maternal and child groups, the core of the pregnancy is the most expectant mothers group, seize this part of the crowd, it will grasp the industry’s core user sources. Therefore, from the beginning of 2015, freaky help in cooperation with the National Women’s Federation launched the "China freaky eugenic plan", through the public welfare projects, so that enterprises and products can go deep into the maternal and child health hospital.

"because now the mothers are more than 95% to Department of gynecology and obstetrics, maternal and child health hospital or hospital to be seized, focused on the user, according to the characteristics of maternal industry, we occupy the mobile terminal entrance child through pregnancy partner of this product, but also let the hospital, the users and the three party company benefit." Kim said.

Kim said that after 2015-2016 years of exploration, pregnant partners have established a certain degree of authority and professionalism in the industry, and has been integrated into the production process of many hospitals. Pregnant mothers in the hospital after the filing.

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