The village of Ali Amoy plan ten thousand village 1000 County why will die

billion state power network electricity supplier first media walking so much the rural market, agricultural city and rural electricity supplier Demonstration County, a great harvest, it should be a sentence of chairman: no investigation no right to speak. Leaf teacher is neither the title of the party is not senior black, Ali’s village Amoy program did a lot of things, this can not be denied. I understand that in walking in the village: Amoy plan not only subsidies related pilot counties, also jointly build Taobao service center and Amoy village service station, Taobao Taobao University also regularly organize supplier training, promote the development of e-commerce in rural areas, and promote the development of rural youth in a small part of it in a short time.

but a variety of comprehensive fields, the problem can not be ignored is that the thousand million County village Amoy plan village will die


why do you say that?.

1, the purpose of conflict, Taobao is to consumer goods to the countryside, and the countryside is to farm products into the city.

grassroots staff, said: Taobao’s purpose is to go to the countryside of consumer goods, our goal is to produce into the city."

two people for different purposes, even if the temporary love marriage, but also lively moment, time for a long time gradually exposed the essential difference. Taobao’s fundamental purpose is to stare at the rural market, farmers can set up shop can also set up Taobao consumption habits, more of a huge market for consumer goods to the countryside. The fundamental purpose of the countryside is their own agricultural products can be sold into the city, as to whether Taobao is not to buy things on Taobao is not the focus.

Although a lot of imagination

platform can two lines at the same time, logistics and distribution of the car down to consumer, then returns with agricultural products, but this idea is often wishful thinking, because planting time, delivery time of agricultural products, agricultural agricultural harvest time and so on are different, how could so happened to


2, people open Taobao, even if there is a village e-commerce service station, does not conform to the habits of farmers, contrary to human nature.

farmer said: "neither trouble, and can make money." This is the human nature of farmers.

how do you disdain and reviled, so farmers of humanity. The original model is a wholesaler or purchaser drive directly to farms, farmers only need to pick down to their packaging, transport and pay, although sometimes there will be credit conditions, but now the model is convenient; farmers to open Taobao store, and then photographed self maintenance, picking their own packaging, every single logistics express, then there may be Taobao’s price is also lower than the purchase price of agrocybe.

do you think this is helping farmers or violating their human nature?


is to help, but in the view of Ali to help rather than farmers think".

this is Ali common against nature for help, such as Ali and traditional enterprise O2O pilot, Ali and commercial retail street pilot meow and so on, which not only help its own ecological cycle of Ali, and violation of other human.