Shuangshier cold Taobao bribe courting consumers do not buy it

"double eleven" only in the past month, "shuangshier" and it. It is the business gallant, but consumers do not seem to buy it.

"with the last experience, I’m not going to follow suit." Wang Hui (a pseudonym) 25 years old this year, is an online shopping daren. "Double eleven" period, she kept all night in front of the computer, staring at his early fancy a few clothes, and at zero when launched the spike". In the end, she successfully bought a long time to buy clothes. However, she was disappointed, she on the Internet to buy clothes until the end of November has not shipped in several times to the seller, clothes to only at the beginning of December. However, Wang Hui is even more disappointed that the purchase of the 5 pieces of clothing is not inconsistent with the color of the picture, that is larger than the description on the Internet, only a sweater is relatively fit.

heart was really very upset, perhaps too many people to buy things, but the quality of goods can not be guaranteed." Wang Hui on the China made news reporter said.

for the past "shuangshier", Wang Hui said he did not have much attention. "Double eleven shopping experience is also so, won’t be visible before the eyes, then in this so-called" holiday "to follow the trend of panic buying."

compared to Wang Hui double eleven failed online shopping experience, Li Lei (a pseudonym) is much luckier. Li Lei on the domestic news by reporters, said, as a result of double eleven promotional efforts, a lot of concessions, so he bought a lot of things in one breath. "I even bought in advance the new needs, for example, snacks, what the dry cargo antithetical couplet." Li Lei said.

for "shuangshier", Li Lei said his shopping and purchasing power as early as in the "double eleven" run out, although "shuangshier" businesses are still making a lot of promotions, but they have no impulse and enthusiasm of the online shopping.

for whatever reason, just past the "shuangshier" clearly failed to repeat the "double eleven" brilliant. As the initiator of twelve promotion, gives the history and history of the largest flow of red most "commitment. The data also show that there are 2 million 110 thousand sellers applicants this year Taobao’s "Twelve promotion," 100 times the number of double eleven "sellers. Despite the menacing, but has not announced turnover, only announced the cumulative turnover number of sellers alipay. As of 12 at 14:27, the number of total turnover reached 2 million Alipay sellers.

"Double eleven" online shopping feast before

, after the consumer is weak, from the "double eleven" too close "shuangshier" was criticized as "gouweixudiao", so the artificial "shuangshier" for how much longer


Wang Hui told reporters that now we will generally be locked in online shopping sellers and brands, targeted to sell. Double eleven crazy bought a lot, mainly because of the promotion of the seller is mostly large enterprises, big brands, so they also encountered a commodity is not appropriate, the wrong version of the goods and other issues. >