B2C e-commerce competition upgrade from price competition to service competition

in the era of the Internet today, the speed of e-commerce website access to information is quite fast, and the gap between the speed of access to information between e-commerce sites will be reduced until convergence. And the price of goods will gradually converge, the price gap will gradually narrow, which is mainly due to the commodity price comparison system. This means that the B2C e-commerce industry price advantage will no longer be so important.

in the network era, the speed of user access to information has also been greatly improved, and the user and the site access to information asymmetry is not as obvious as before. This means that the user from an e-commerce site to another cost becomes very small.

is now the B2C e-commerce market is a market in the future is feudal lords vying for the throne. So when the e-commerce site after the end of the price war, what should we do to maintain existing users, add new users and increase revenue?

is known to all, the service has been the top priority of the traditional retail industry, the future will also become a focus of the B2C e-commerce market. China’s B2C e-commerce services focused on logistics and after-sales service. In view of the problem of logistics has been analyzed before, this will not be discussed. According to a survey from third parties, the service class complaints to become the focus of consumer complaints in the proportion of 50%. Among them, poor after-sales service to 14.12% of the proportion of online shopping complaints list, the refund is not timely to the ratio of 9.56% followed by.

below to the country’s largest B2C e-commerce company Jingdong mall as an example to illustrate the B2C e-commerce market competition. Jingdong mall in April 12th announced the launch of the "100 points" service commitment (in the end of 100 minutes to deal with all of your after-sales issues). This is to extend the customer service center service time, 211 limit together constitute the main content of the Jingdong mall big service strategy. (limit of 211 "mean in the specified range 11:00 submitted before the morning spot order (State Library into the point in time, the same day delivery orders began to calculate); the night before 11:00 submitted spot order (into the library state point in time order calculation) served in the morning of the second day (14:00)).

China’s e-commerce development has been the lack of standards. First, because the country has not introduced a variety of practical significance of the legal norms, the two e-commerce industry does not have a clear industry standards. So Jingdong mall’s big service strategy can be regarded as a new standard of service B2C e-commerce industry to try. This behavior is called online e-commerce industry awakening".

imagine, if the Jingdong can store the correct implementation of "service strategy", then it can improve the speed and quality of online shopping customer service service, and more satisfactory service experience, and consolidate the industry leader’s position in this "service war" in which, then can promote the level of service is bound to enhance the entire industry. >