The domain name system as the epicenter nternet search

as the Internet, the central nervous system, based on the domain name system as the core of the platform is the foundation of the internet".

September 7th, an earthquake in Taiwan, Yilan, a submarine cable was broken, Hongkong and the Pearl River Delta region are affected by the network. At the end of 2006, the Taiwan earthquake was immediately brought out of memory – Chinese users almost cannot access all American websites, chat, search and other Internet behavior "halted". History repeats itself and makes us feel vulnerable to the internet. The Internet is entirely dependent on a few optical cable? Cable interruption will cause why such a network "hit"? The answer is very simple: the domain name system is the support of all the network application foundation, both rely on the backbone connection, the earthquake "broken" the connection between broken and dead application; national CN DNS link is not affected by the earthquake, the network application in the application in the normal root.

to the domain name system as the epicenter of the network earthquake

listen to the songs, see the online news network, using Internet chat, modern people are surrounded by all kinds of network services, to happiness within them, the domain name system is a distant concept, two times a year off the net loss brought to this platform surfaced.

Internet includes three layers of progressive platform: basic platform, application platform and psychological platform. Earthquake interruption of optical cable, resulting in a basic platform for the epicenter to the application platform and the psychological platform of the Internet chain earthquake".

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) assistant director Liu Zhijiang explained the "earthquake": if the Internet compared to a person, a data communication line based on the platform is a human skeleton, the domain name system based on the platform is the central nervous system, application on the platform of network application is the flesh, the two platform is stable directly determines the psychological platform on the Internet Internet people recognized or not. Flesh of any movement, must through the bone "report" central nervous get instructions can be achieved, this activity is to complete the decision of the passions.

network functions and human activities is exactly the same, cable break from the foundation destroyed this action chain: submarine cable connected to the Internet China US data transmission, making the earthquake data line after the interruption, China users send "signal" can’t get the domain name system of the central nervous system, could not make any instruction "finish the DNS, network application based on the nature of foreign domain cannot be achieved, the failure of network function so that users have a negative mood.

visible, as the Internet, the central nervous system, based on the domain name system as the core of the platform is the foundation of the internet". Basic destruction, the Internet will collapse across the board. Without the skin, maojiangyanfu?

if you do not pass the Taiwan submarine cable……

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