Start-up companies, please focus on


start-up companies, entrepreneurial stage, all things, including the team, business model, operational aspects, are in the exploratory stage of exploration.

this stage, start-up companies can not avoid detours, inevitably fail, how to minimize these detours, I believe that this is the focus.


event description:

Peng Jinjie is in a start-up company, a few months time, the progress of the project only, why not attention, do not have their own core. Start-up companies, the initial team is certainly not large, if not focused, what should be involved, it means that everything can not invest enough energy, resources and time.

where to focus:

1 focus on products.

(1) product design does not have a lot of attention, such as product design, copywriting can focus corresponding to a potential crowd, but the wider population, this could be the result of a potential crowd are done; the product design does not focus on behalf of the product design, the overall picture can not copy, detailed and careful planning and the design result is to greatly reduce the conversion rate of the product purchase.

(2) platform is also one of the company’s products. Do the PC side, replacement mall, agent platform, and mobile terminal, including WeChat mobile payment, "etc.. These are the focus of their own, can not give up, but things have to be in order, but also to distinguish between primary and secondary, focusing on what platform to do, such as a platform to improve the development of another. Don’t be responsible for 2 platforms or even more. Focus will be more efficient.

2 focus on operating mode.

operating channels to focus, not all of a sudden is their own independent mall, the mall is a Jingdong, all of a sudden Jingdong. What is more, but also add the line of business, foreign trade business, channels are not dedicated,…… not only the staff can not focus on one thing, more representative of each channel to get resources will be dispersed, will not do


channel promotion method, method, channel promotion concentrate; affirmed the means to pay, whether it is money, energy, time, manpower, material, promotion…… if too many one-time investment promotion channels, then represent each marketing channel get less support, the final result is not to promote slow progress. Is the promotion channel died, promotion effect is scanty, no promotion will not have interest.

3 profit should focus on. Don’t see what the money will play what.

in fact, this is a common problem for many companies, drilled into the "money eye" in the fight to do a good job of foreign trade, turn to do foreign trade; see Jingdong make money, settled in Jingdong; see Product >