On-line 9 months Honey bud baby C round of financing $6000 million

news December 15th, billion state power network exclusive, vertical electricity supplier honey bud baby mother completed C $60 million round of financing from H lead investor Capital round investors, Sequoia Capital and Zhenge fund to continue with the vote.

at this point from the honey bud baby B round of $20 million financing less than half a year, from its official website on this site is only 9 months.

honey bud baby founder and CEO Liu Nan to billion state power network said that this round of financing will be used to upgrade the global supply chain, and enhance the user experience, to build a solid honey bud baby moat. The current market overheating, not too far away from the capital of winter. Not dazuizhang, practicing internal strength, real customer value creation in value orientation, honey bud baby." Liu Nan said.

honey bud baby founder and CEO Liu Nan

it is understood that honey bud baby vertical orientation of the mother and child electricity supplier, the main import of high-end maternal and child products. Launched in March 2014 imported maternal brand sale mall, with "quality + genuine + limited sale model breakthrough in high-end maternal population, the month of on-line GMV million.

honey bud baby with precise positioning of the crowd and cross-border electricity supplier tuyere help become the focus of attention of the capital market. According billion state power network understanding, 2013 honey bud baby get it real fund and Xianfeng Huaxing investment, July 2014 announced by the lead investor Sequoia Capital, and Xianfeng Huaxing Zhenge fund with a $20 million investment and financing.

Liu Nan believes that: the integration of the supply chain + mobile terminal + socialization is an important advantage of honey bud baby distinguishes from other competitors.

in the ninth Chinese Internet retail conference recently sponsored by the state power grid, Liu Nan said: "cross-border imports is a kind of supply chain mode, and not a business model. The core of the business model is to seize the needs of high-end vertical population, honey bud baby’s rapid development, in fact, accompanied by China’s middle class family consumption upgrade process".

before, Liu Nan had revealed to billion state power network, honey bud baby on the line just 8 months has millions of users, October GMV of more than 100 million yuan, mobile terminal sales accounted for 75%, the re purchase rate is 70%. According to the monthly statistics, the average price per unit of more than 400 yuan, the average tourist consumption of nearly 1000 yuan, accounting for more than 50% users first-tier cities.

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